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In the previous part 1 blog I described the different filtering attributes which are currently available for the newly launched KPI Catalog in the cloud at

(SAP Service Marketplace login required)

In this blog I want to mention some other features that are part of the catalog.

Full text search

So instead of starting with some filters on different attributes you can also just perform some full text search. In the screenshot above you can see the search for 2 terms 'delivery' and 'billing'. The search engine will then search according to the following priority:

  1. The best search results are those where the search strings can be found in our key figur name itself
  2. The 2nd best results are those where the search strings could be found in the text below the key figure name
  3. The 3rd best results are those where the search strings could be found in the definition text in the detailed section (not shown in this screenshot, this will be handled further down in this blog)

The search is a fuzzy search, so also slight deviations from your search terms 'deliveries' instead of 'delivery' or typos like 'delviery' should be found accordingly. Once you see your search results, then all the filter attributes are adjusted according the limited set of findings.

Multiple filter

Probably it is self-understood for yourself, but besides the full text search and the single filtering, it is of course also possible to set multiple filters, e.g. filtering on all key figures which are 'backlog' key figures in 'ERP' and belong to 'sales'. If you then click on some key figure of interest, then you get to see some additional details.

Details Overview

If you click on one search result, then you see all the assigned properties/attributes and you still see the (business) text description of the key figure on the next page. This text shall give you an idea what business problem can be realted to the measurement and some key figures even mention a possible business risk/impact.

Details Definition

The details definition section provides a more technical text description (priority 3 for the full text search mentioned above). This text should roughly describe (on table and field basis) the logic of the underlying data collection.

Details Technical

This last detail section describes the technical details, which output fields you can expect in the result list of the data collection ('Fieldlist') and which input parameters are available ('Filters') during the design time when you want to schedule/start the data collection.

If you have further questions, remarks or suggestions then please post them as remarks in this blog or send an email to

Further reading

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Monitoring and Business Process Analytics are answered under and respectively.

The following blogs (in chronological order) provide further details about Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring functionalities within the SAP Solution Manager.

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