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SAP Fiori In-Store Merchandising solution was enhanced with a new intuitive app called Adjust Mass Stock. The new app was released with S/4HANA Retail 2020 FPS01. The app helps to improve stock accuracy and to increases the productivity of store associates.

Business need:

Store associates need to make sure that shelves are full of products that customers want when they come in. As a such, having an accurate stock is essential and ensures an optimized store replenishment. For this purpose the store associates need an intuitive app to adjust the stock of multiple products for different reasons to maintain the stock accuracy of products available in the store. Store associates need to adjust stock or in other words to reduce the amount of the stock quantity that is in the system for different business reasons such as:

  • Breakage - products that you have damaged and cannot sell anymore.

  • Wastage - products that are out of date, or needs to be thrown away such as spoiled milk.

  • Write-offs - products loss due to other reasons such as theft.

  • Consumption of own inventory - products that you use or consume in the course of your business that you are not directly selling to a customer, but that you need to account for in your inventory such as office supply or detergents.

  • Products that you give as a gift to your business partners, or products that you donate to charity organizations or to food-banks.


As a store associate, you can use the app to adjust the stock quantity of products at the store and storage location levels for different reasons that you can define such write-offs, wastage, breakage, giveaways, and own consumption by scanning the barcode (GTIN) of products and posting the adjustment in the system quickly. The stock quantity will be updated immediately after the posting.

Business benefits:

The app Adjust Mass Stock helps to improve stock accuracy, ensures customer satisfaction, prevents loss of sales, and increases the productivity of store associates.



  • Start a new adjustment by easily selecting a reason such as damaged and the storage location such as sales floor for the adjustment, or just confirm the default values from your previous adjustment.

  • Add products to the app by scanning the barcode, or by using the search function. Continues scanning increases the quantity incrementally.

  • Enter claim info such as the carrier company for a product that arrived damaged.

  • Enter a cost center, for example the marketing cost center for a product that will be given to a celebrity.

  • Print or e-mail the adjustment to the store manager as a FYI.

  • Submit adjustment to update the stock quantity immediately.

  • View open adjustment and finish processing.

  • View the adjustment history for the day, as a store manager.

  • Cross navigation to other Fiori In-Store Merchandising apps.


Use case example:

  • Sophia, the store associate, takes early in the morning a shopping cart, walks through the aisles in the store, collects all products that are not sellable and puts them into the cart.

  • She takes the cart to the Backoffice, takes her mobile devices, starts the app for Adjust Mass Stock, selects a reason and the storage location, scans the products quickly, and posts the adjustment.

  • The stock quantity in the system will be updated immediately.

  • Therewith, the stock info is accurate, and the store replenishment will be optimized.


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