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As part of the ongoing improvements, the Document Compliance Framework team has enhanced the Object Relationship Service (ORS) to link a source document to its corresponding electronic document, hence enabling the navigation.

The navigation to the electronic document is supported for the following source document types:

  • Accounting Documents

  • Billing Documents

  • Settlement Documents (if applicable)


  1. In the Display Document: Data Entry View screen of the source document, select the Services for Object icon.

  2. Choose Relationships.


The Detail View displays the relationships for the selected source document. You can navigate to the electronic document in the eDocument Cockpit (EDOC_COCKPIT) by double-clicking on the entry.

How to link an existing electronic document to its source document?

The relationship between source document and electronic document is only established for newly created documents. To link an existing electronic document to its corresponding source document, you run the Create Relationship Between eDocument and Source Document report (transaction code EDOC_RELATION).

Note that when a source document is archived, the relationship between the source document and the electronic document is also archived.

How do you enable this feature?

This feature is available with Document Compliance Framework 27. For more details, see SAP Note 3005076 - Document Compliance Framework (27).

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