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My Home has been available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition since release 2208. Since then, following the continuous innovation practices of the cloud, we have added several new capabilities. Now, My Home gives you more insights to help you run your business. This blog post will explain how to use Insights, what information you can include on your home page, and why you should try it.  

Insights let you manage your business 

In the Insights section of My Home in SAP S/4HANA Cloud public edition, you can manage and monitor your company’s activities. Thanks to smart business tiles and KPIs, you can assess what’s happening at any time and take action when needed. 

My Home S/4HANA Cloud, public edition Insights section


In the Insights section, you can find two different information formats: tiles and cards. 

Tiles, also called smart business tiles, provide dynamic content from your monitoring applications. You can personalize your Tiles section by clicking the Edit button of the section. You can add, delete, and change the size of the cards displayed. You can also easily rearrange the tiles by using drag and drop. 

Insight Tiles personalisation options in edit dialog


Cards allow for more in-depth analysis at a glance and offer direct navigation to their parent application. The Insights card section currently supports analytical cards, list cards, and table cards. Analytical cards display a chart, list cards display a list of items, and table cards can display three columns of a table. 

My Home Insights section displaying a list card, analytical card and a table card


Use the cards we deliver or create your own 

The My Home Insights section can sometimes come with pre delivered Insight cards. This depends on the applications that you have access to and whether the applications themselves come with pre delivered cards. If the default cards do not meet your needs you can copy the card and alter the filters of that card to suit your needs. For example, changing a card’s currency filter from EURO to US dollars. You can also choose not to display the card in the Insights section, or you can delete the card. All this can be done from the Insight card settings in the My Home setting dialog when you click edit beside the Insights section. 

My Home Insight card settings - Visibility check box


My Home Insight card settings - Copy and Deletion of cards

My Home Insight card settings - Updating filters of a copied card

Personalize My Home with Insight cards 

Using the power of the My Home personalisation capabilities, insight cards can also be added to the Insights section. They currently can be added from S4HANA Cloud, public edition overview applications. The functionality ‘Add Card to Insights’ will be shown in the card menu of any overview application that supports adding cards to the Insights section. You simply apply filters in the overview application that supports this functionality and then add the card to the Insights section of the My Home. 


Add Card to Insight functionality in Overview application


Insight cards can not only be added from overview applications, but table cards can also be added from list report applications. A list report application is an application that displays a table containing a list of items. List report applications are the most common application floor plan in S4HANA. A list report application that supports adding cards to the Insights section will contain the functionality ‘Add card to insights‘  in the table overflow menu. 

Add card to Insights functionality in list report applications


Go check the overview and list report applications that you have access to and start populating and building your My Home insights section to gather valuable insights that will help you do your job with speed and agility. Card support is something we are constantly building on, and we hope to support many other card sources in future releases, so watch this space. 

Caroline Welsh and Sylvie Charpentier, on behalf of the Cloud ERP UX Engineering team responsible for My Home in SAP S/4HANA.  

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