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I will show how to make the internal datastores visiable, as in note 1618486 we don’t give the method to make the internal datastores, the method
is as follows:


You need to add a String ”DisplayDIInternalJobs=TRUE” in DSConfig.txt under the [string] tab like the screenshot:

How to find the real DSConfig.txt file?

First check if there exist a folder named “Documents and Settings” or “ProgramData” in the C disk.

  • For “Documents and Settings” the path maybe: “C:\ Documents and Settings\All
    Users\Application Data\SAP BusinessObjects\Data Services\conf”
  • For “ProgramData” the path maybe: ”C:\ ProgramData\Application Data\SAP
    BusinessObjects\Data Services” or “C:\ ProgramData\SAP BusinessObjects\Data
  • If there have both check the “ProgramData” first.
  • If there have none, please make sure that your hidden files and folders
    is set to ”Show hidden files, folders, and drives”, (which set in the Folder
    Options --> View), if the configuration is ok, then you can go to the
    directory where your DS installed, for example D disk, then go to the install
    directory maybe: “D:\SAP BusinessObjects\Data Services\conf”; Moreover, if your
    DS version is DS4.0, in some cases, you may have to go to the “D:\SAP
    BusinessObjects\Data Services\bin” to find the DSConfig.txt file.

After you change the DSConfig.txt, restart your DS Designer, or maybe DS Services is advisable.
Then you will find the internal datastores ”

At last, in the note 1618486 we just want to describe that, you need to make the internal datastores “CD_DS_d0cafae2” property information just the same as your DB logon information, as the default user name et al. maybe not correct as your own DB logon information is different from it. The table owner is also need to change, because the default table own set in DS is “DBO”, and this may cause errors, as your table owner set in your own DB is not “DBO”. In note 1618486 you can find the method how to change it.