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As we have been witnessing throughout the pandemic even more clearly, agility is critical for the customer success because of the transformation speed in industries. To ensure that our customers stay competitive in their respective industries and adapt the next practices in a fast and agile manner, it is foremost important for us to be as transparent to our customers as possible.

While the Industry Cloud enables our customers to transform their business models thus, driving positive outcomes, the SAP Road Map Explorer supports them navigate the complexities of planning for the future. Delivering a superior user experience with the next generation of road maps, the tool simplifies the process of road map planning.


Customer centricity to accelerate innovation

The three top benefits of the Industry Cloud could be expressed as resilience, efficiency, and flexibility. Aligning very well also with the objectives of the Industry Cloud, the SAP Road Map Explorer now provides a new concept to display the Industry Cloud road maps.

As the single source of truth for all SAP road maps, the SAP Road Map Explorer has been helping us in providing our customers with a complete picture of our planned direction. Now with the new concept enabled, customers can use this tool to inform themselves of the Industry cloud road map of all existing and planned solutions that are built both by SAP and partners. The tool makes it possible for users to drill down to the details of road map items, save and share them with their colleagues. All the Industry Cloud road map items are updated continuously on the road map explorer which maintains the connection between innovation processes at SAP and the customers.


What is more?

We are aware that your business is unique. That is why we offer specialized applications targeting specific industry needs. For each industry you can explore the specific Industry Cloud solutions alongside the road map priorities and related assets.

If you have not yet, familiarize yourself with the SAP Road Map Explorer and make it your go-to-tool for the Industry Cloud road maps!


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