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A runtime error MESSAGE_TYPE_X happens when a given report tries to exhibit a big amount of data in the WEBGUI (SAPGUI for HTML) within an ALV Grid. Why this happens? How can be fixed?




How to reproduce the issue? Access the WEBGUI internet service, using a URL like:


From the WEBGUI a report is executed via SE38, e.g. BCALV_TEST_GRID_PERFORMANCE. The number of records to be retrieved is 10,000. As a result, the following dump appears:



Why this happens? Because the dataset (about 82 MB) cannot fit into the 50 MB space available in abap/alvgrid/size_nodod_MB.

How to solve the issue?

There are two alternatives: the easy one and the hard one. The first is increasing the parameter abap/alvgrid/size_nodod_MB to a value that can hold the entire dataset at once. The second solution is trickier: the end user must decide if fewer entries can be used - the less data you need, smaller is the dataset.

For the first solution an instance restart is required, as the parameter is not dynamically switchable.

Important: all the profile parameters are case sensitive: "MB" must be in uppercase!

More information

SAP note 702732 provides information about abap/alvgrid/size_nodod_MB. SAP note 1356836 provides information about the ~ALVGRIDPAGESIZE. You can also read SAP note 1670036, which tells about the new limit in FM ITS_CHECK_ALV_DATA_SIZE.