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In SAP ERP, the hierarchy level of a Media Product Master was defined by the transaction (JP2x) used to create the Media Product Master and stored in a field of table MARA.

In SAP S/4HANA, the concept is more flexible and the hierarchy level of a product master within the media product hierarchy is defined by the assigned class.

Since the class is not supported in all use cases where you would like to use the hierarchy level to search, filter, or analyze products by the hierarchy level, we recommend using different product types for the hierarchy levels. This will allow you to use the product type as a representation of the hierarchy level.

In addition, this will allow you to define a default class that is automatically assigned to a new product. This is especially important for the Media Product Family, which would be typically created using the Create button in the Fiori UI. All subordinate products are created using the Create Subnode button and the class is determined based on the hierarchy type configuration.

Process: Create Product Type

The detailed configuration of the product type depends on the specific usage of the Media Product Master within your company. The example described below is for usage of the Media Product Family for by title financial accounting and reporting and no other business processes like purchasing or sales.

  1. Go to the following Customizing activity Logistics – General → Material Master → Basic Settings → Material Types → Define Attributes of Material Types.

  2. Select an existing product type (for example FERT) and click Copy As. Enter a key for the Material Type, for example ZMPF, and enter Media Product Family as the description.

  3. You may want to deselect the With Qty. Structure checkbox.

  4. You may want to change Ext. Purchase Orders to 0 and Int. Purchase Orders to 0.

  5. Select the User Departments Classification and Basic Data. You may also want to select other user departments.

  6. Under Classification enter the Class Type 001 and Class MEDIA_PR_FAMILY, which you have created in a previous step. (For all other hierarchy levels you might leave the Class Type and Class empty).

  7. You may want to remove the entries under Valuation.

  8. Click Copy and save your settings.

Repeat the steps for the additional hierarchy levels (e.g. Media Product and Media Issue).