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In the world of SAP BTP, it’s crucial to note that specific IP addresses aren’t assigned to individual accounts. This might seem a bit unusual, but it’s a common practice in the cloud. Cloud platforms support a multitude of services for various businesses, making IP addresses highly dynamic and subject to frequent changes.

If you’re curious about the IP address ranges used by SAP BTP services, you can easily find this information in the SAP Cloud BTP documentation. This documentation offers a comprehensive list of IP addresses used by different SAP service network locations worldwide.

How Can I Find IP Addresses for My BTP Account



Once you become familiar with your BTP Account Provider and Regions, you can refer to the official SAP BTP Help page for documentation. From there, you can easily search for IP addresses based on your IaaS Provider, Region, or Region name, as illustrated in the example below

Regions and Hosts Available for the BTP Neo Environment



Regions and API Endpoints Available for the BTP Cloud Foundry Environment

Regions and API Endpoints for the BTP ABAP Environment

SAP Business Application Studio Availability

Dynamic IP Addresses in SAP BTP Subaccounts

It’s important to highlight that IP addresses in SAP BTP don’t stay fixed. They can change over time, and this change is managed by your cloud vendor (such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Ali Cloud, etc.). The IP addresses of SAP BTP Subaccounts are dynamic, adapting to the evolving nature of cloud services.

Best Practices for Accessibility: Domain Names over IP Addresses

If you want to access your SAP BTP account from a specific network location, SAP recommends using specified domain names instead of trying to find a tricky IP address. It’s better to allowlist a domain name in the firewall rather than configuring it for a specific IP address. Because IP addresses in a cloud system change quickly, relying on them for firewall settings or direct access can cause problems and inconsistencies.

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