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Developer Advocate
This blog post contains my personal session recommendations for all UI folks (developers, designers, architects, consultants, hobbyists, etc.). I'd be happy if this overview helps you in preparation for the upcoming virtual TechEd. The first thing you need to get started is an account. Use the following link to create one if you haven't done this yet.

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The session catalog is the single source of truth for the 445 available sessions. But I understand that too much choice can also be confusing. In the end, you might not see the forest for the trees. There have already been a few great posts that refer to all sessions and workshops potentially interesting for UI and UX nerds ?. I recommend checking them out to get the full overview:

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In contrast to these posts, I want to tell a fictional learning story that could happen during this year's TechEd. Just read the story and pick the sessions that overlap with your area of interest:

We all had to start with SAPUI5 at one point. I recommend the "SAPUI5 All you need" session for all who are beginning their journey to SAPUI5. Do you already know SAPUI5? Then the dedicated roadmap session DEV804 might be the better fit for you. Once you have learned more about the base technology, you might be interested in session DEV301 to get to know the tools used to develop SAPUI5.

Now you probably feel ready for the next level and are curious where the roadmap of the SAP Fiori user experience is heading - session IIS819 will help you there. Has that been too abstract, and you prefer to hear how our customer Yorkshire Water uses SAP Fiori Elements? No problem, just visit lecture IIS208 for this. Or are you more interested in our broader strategy to implement a future-proof user experience for your Intelligent Enterprise? Then session ST110 is for you! After all this theory, it's probably time to see these technologies in action! Session IIS204 introduces the SAP Fiori Tools, which help you build amazing web apps for your SAP ERP system. Session IIS131 covers this topic from a slightly different angle and focuses on streamlining SAP Fiori app development with the reusable SAP Fiori Elements templates.

With SAPUI5, you learned the technology that enables everything, and in the SAP Fiori sessions, you learned how to build and extend beautiful apps. In the next block, you'll learn how to bundle multiple Fiori apps into a single user interface to make a big step towards enabling the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP offers more than one solution for this task: SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Cloud Platform Portal, and SAP Work Zone. Don't worry if you're not yet familiar with the differences among them. You can visit session DEV805 to learn what distinguishes the roadmaps of the SAP's Portal offerings from SAP Work Zone.
Let's assume you tend to SAP Work Zone, but you want to learn more about it before making a decision: In this case, you should probably visit the dedicated 40min on-demand session Engage, Empower, and Innovate with SAP Work Zone DEV210. Do you prefer to hear this directly from a customer? No problem, then hear the message from Döhler in the customer session DEV121.
Do you prefer the SAP Launchpad that you already know and love? Then come to session IIS102 to get an update on what's hot and what's new in SAP Fiori Launchpad. This session goes well together with the development-focused session DEV211 to building a central entry point on SAP Cloud Platform.


Last but not least, I also want to endorse the two more sessions:

  • My own session in which I'll introduce you to two new approaches for building SAP Fiori-compliant user interfaces that do not use SAPUI5. To be more specific, UI5 Web Components and Fundamentals Styles - which are, by the way, both open-source projects. Watch the on-demand breakout session IIS114 at any time to learn about these technologies and when to use which one.

  • I also had the honor to do some work behind the scenes in the first-ever Developer Keynote. This session, DK100, is one hour of concentrated developer content that showcases a variety of cutting-edge technologies. I don't want to spoiler too much for now but let's say that a few very cool UI technologies got their fair share in this keynote as well! Get ready for the Developer Keynote by reading about the back story in this short blog post: SAP TechEd Developer Keynote DK100 – The Story


PS: Did you like these personal session recommendations? Check out this page to find more advice from all developer advocates.


I hope you'll have a great time at TechEd 2020!