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With the updates on Scheduling publications with 2020 Q4 QRC, We are introducing manage privilege for your schedules so that within your organisations , you can assign users who would have privilege to View  and  Edit the schedules created by other  users as well within the tenant. Based on the kind of privileges the user has on the different files and folders for thr stories and analytics applications,  User would be able to view the schedules  and modify the same .

Use case :

In any enterprise, there is always a need for one or more  central person to manage schedules created by other users so that in the absence of that person , this user can edit some of the important details of the schedules. This user can view the schedules created under the tenant by different users , as well as edit some of the fields and also delete them if required.


How to do this:

Navigate to Security-> Role sand choose the role where you want the privilege to be applied. For this blog as an example, i m selecting as "BI Content Creators" and upon reaching the next page , on top right search box, Search for "Schedule Publications"  role.

Under the same settings ,you would find this option called Manage , Check mark the same .

Manage Privilege for Viewing all schedules


There is also a pre-requisite required for viewing schedules created by others users for Public and Private folders

You should have the Manage privilege on Public and Private files to view the schedules of public or private stories.

Now, what this means is if you have Manage privilege only on Public files and not on Private files , then you won't be able to see the schedules created on Private folders by other users and as well vice versa.



Public Private Files Manage privilege

For users who have access to this Manage option, they can see all schedules under their tenant for which they have access to. This user can edit some of the fields on the schedule like  Schedule name , Recurrence details for an event or Series , Subject / eMail body  etc.

What currently cannot be edited is the  Publication content details like Prompts , Bookmarks View or the Recipients list which are defined by the Schedule owner.


Admin View for Viewing all Schedules



Also, To make the managing easy for this role, while you view the scheduling details on your right side panel , you can view whether this schedule  was created by you or by some other users. The messages would look like this :

You are owner of [ Schedule Name ]

You are the manager of [ Schedule Name ]

Also, if you want to filter only your schedules , you can even do that wirth the available filter combinations selecting Publications  under Type filter  & under My Roles as Owner.

This would allow you to view only schedules created by you . Similarly, You can select under My Roles filter  as None to see only others schedules


For the detailed documentation, Please visit the  documentation link


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