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SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence sets the foundation for powerful and integrated enterprise analytics. Integrated BI capabilities enable you to analyze and understand business drivers and provide transparency across the organization to improve business outcomes.

However, the foundation must be set up consciously and thoughtfully. Holistic integration and user adoption of the new solution based on a business-led approach is key to success. We therefore recommend starting your journey with a concrete use case as an example of how to get the process up and running.

Quick-start Service for SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence

Your organization recently invested in SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence and now it’s time to kickstart the first use case.

In the SAP Store, you are only an online request away from buying our Quick-start service for SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence. This service helps you to prepare for a successful SAP Analytics Cloud deployment. We help realize an individual first use case based on solution best practices, tailored to your needs.

A use case typically includes establishing a connection between your source data and SAP Analytics Cloud, creating a meaningful data model based on the data you want to analyze and exposing your data in an interactive story or dashboard.

Our SAP Analytics Cloud experts support you to make a confident start to your delivery program based on SAP Best Practices. The Quick-start service for SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence aims to overcome initial challenges and prevent common pitfalls or mistakes, as corrective actions usually require more time and effort (not to mention frustration).

What is a Quick-Start Service?

The quick-start service concept follows a standardized, proven approach to create a baseline for upcoming product deployments. It aims to achieve technical and functional readiness at your side based on a pre-defined use case that you bring up.

The service is structured along the following key phases:

  • Prepare & Explore: We host a Design Thinking kick-off workshop to validate the use case and design solution as well as to prepare the service delivery.

  • Realize: One sprint for remote activities to realize the agreed use case including data modeling, configuration, UX optimization and testing to realize functional and technical readiness for the identified use case.

  • Deploy: Demonstrate functional readiness and develop a go-live plan. The use case setup and configuration are documented.

Prepare & Explore

The service is centered around a use case that you have drafted beforehand. During the Design Thinking kick-off workshop, we assess the feasibility and exemplary implementation of this use case.

To get an impression of potential use case scenarios, you can check the SAP Business Content Packages upfront. There you find specified KPI recommendations and sample dashboards sorted along LoB or industries.

For deciding on your use case and solution design SAP Experts will set up an interactive kick-off workshop and arrange the initial setup needed to start with the service delivery.


Within the Quick-start service for SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence we focus on one use case for a single business unit, and connect SAP Analytics Cloud to one supported data source (please check the data connectivity requirements on

The initial step consists of establishing a connection to your system. There are two types of connections we can initiate:

  1. live connections*, where data is fetched in a real-time manner, or

  2. import connections, where selections of your source data are copied into SAP Analytics Cloud.

*Live Data Access is also supported but managing security aspects of the source system remains the responsibility of the customer

Once we have access to the data, it is time to build a model on top of it. At this stage of the service, it is about the modeling capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud by exploring data source objects, defining the model structure, calculations, dimensions, and measures to build a foundation for further analysis and visualization.

With help from SAP experts, you receive guidance on how to translate business queries into an actionable dashboard or story, from data consumption, transformation to visualization.

Although the scope of the service only caters for low complexity data modeling and KPI development – as the goal of the service is to provide an end-to-end experience, rather than a deep-dive in a particular topic – it helps you to identify SAP Best Practices and reuse this use case as a blueprint for the use cases to follow.

During the engagement our experts demonstrate how to create and maintain a dashboard based on interactive charts, tables, calculations, and other graphical elements that tell the story of your business data.

You will see how to work with visual elements and how to style them according to your preferences.  Our objective is to build an easy to consume story or dashboard, supporting your decision-making process, based on high fidelity data coming from your pre-configured data model.


The service provides knowledge transfer on key topics to help you use the solution effectively. The SAP expert will assist in the creation of a basic go-live plan for your first use case.

At the close of service delivery, your organization is equipped with an end-to-end working example available in your system, as a first step towards a powerful and integrated analytics solution.

Your confident start with SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence starts here

Effective preparation and planning are key to your success. With the knowledge and experience acquired from the workshops, you have equipped yourself to prepare for a successful implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence.