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Machine translation usage is evolving fast at SAP. To help remove language barriers, SAP is launching further automatic machine translation features for some of SAP’s Product Support channels in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Starting from November 2020, SAP is offering a new feature to automatically translate the last reply from SAP Support to customer incidents.

With this functionality SAP Customers and Partners around the globe can interpret context of the incident resolution provided by SAP in their native language capturing the same meaning, rather than simply translating words.

Faster than human translation services and just at the click of a button, customers can get fast access to machine-translated content in their preferred language – at no additional cost.

How does it work?

  • Within your existing incident, you can now use a machine translation feature to translate the Last Reply of your communication with the SAP engineer.

  • To use it, simply go to your incident, in the 'Last Communication' section under 'Details', click the 'Translate' button and choose your preferred language out of the ten available languages: English, German, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian and Russian.

  • The original source language is automatically detected with the help of AI and can be changed through Translate > More Tools menu.

  • Note that only the last reply is translated and not the full communication.

Disclaimer: This incident content was machine translated for your convenience. SAP does not provide any warranty regarding the correctness or completeness of the machine translation. The official incident content can be found by switching to the original language.

For more information, see:

2998221 - Automatic Translation of Last communication in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad

SAP runs SAP

At SAP, we develop and run our own machine translation (MT) cloud service. Its functionality is embedded in SAP Translation Hub and is available through APIs that can be consumed in integration scenarios. It is tailored to translate SAP-related content like software documentation or support specific documents. The development team continuously works on improving the quality of the neural machine translation.

Automatic translation is a self-service option and especially designed to overcome language barriers. This new personalized service makes engaging with SAP’s Product Support easier by helping customers to fully understand the content.

At SAP, we create solutions to fuel innovation, foster equality and spread opportunity across borders and cultures. We provide industry leading support anytime, anywhere, from any channel – and now in even more languages.

Where we are now?

  • Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean, Italian, French and Russian: Already available – Live as of November 21st, 2020.

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