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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Partnering is a crucial part of SAP’s industry cloud strategy.  SAP collaborates with solution providers who are experts in their special innovation areas and then offers those solutions with its own direct customers.  In my previous blog post I talked about how channel partners should consider doing the same.

During three industries-focused webinars recently organized for channel partners with Patrick Lamm (IM), Christoph Schroeder (Retail) and Harris Vogel (CP), two solution partners and two channel partners discussed how they work together in these industries to win in the market, leveraging partner developed SAP’s industry cloud solution.  In this blog post, I want to share what I think are the biggest takeaways.

Collaboration In the Automotive Industry
In the automotive industry, the Middle East-based channel partner Edraky collaborates closely with proaxia consulting group ag Swiss based solution partner.  Edray is a platinum SAP channel partner and UVAR member.  proaxia is an SAP software partner offering a Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS) solution as one of SAP’s industry cloud solutions.

Ayman Fathallah at Edraky: “By adding proaxia VSS addon to our scope we've been able to sell the other SAP modules, implementations and so on, so that increased our sales in the automotive industry and even in other non-automotive industries by having good references“

Not only does proaxia provide the channel partner with a solution meeting the needs of the customers, but proaxia also helps Edraky with their industry business experience when engaging with prospects. This helps a lot.  In the beginning of their relationship, Proaxia did most of the work with customers.  Edraky now does the demo, sales and implementation themselves.  Only when really needed, proaxia gets involved.  Edraky typically resells the VSS solution on their own paper.  The big benefit of this partnership for Edraky is the fact that they now can address more business opportunities, which also helps selling the SAP Intelligent Suite solutions.  Together with proaxia, Edraky has been able to close several  strategic accounts. These two SAP partners are even teaming up and go after business in other parts of the world together.

proaxia’s Bijoy Varghese: “In 2020 we had zero VARs (Value Added Resellers), today we have signed 10 VAR partnership agreements, and we still look for more, especially one in North America”.

"proaxia VSS solution is a next generation, end-to-end automotive and heavy equipment dealer management solution, with its key focus on customer centricity and digital transformation.  The solution acts as a catalyst and differentiator for resellers and improve the overall value proposition for resellers”

Watch the recording of the interview and the whole webinar.  SAP partner login needed.

Collaboration in Consumer Products and Retail
The North American channel partner Navisite works closely with solution partner DataXstrem, leveraging their OMS+ solution, an endorsed SAP industry cloud solution.

James Keane-Murphy at Navisite: “Our philosophy is to focus on what we are very good at and for areas outside core expertise we look for partners”.   When being asked for the most important benefit of the partnership with DataXstream James is clear: “First of all, we have a happy customer.  And happy customers tend to pay their bills.”   There is of course always a revenue element, but doing the right thing, giving a customer the best solution is the most important.  Dickerson does demo and implementation themselves of the OMS+ solution, but when the customer asks for something outside the standard, DataXsream comes in with customized demo.  Dependent on the preferences of the customer, the deal will sign with either Dickerson or DataXstream.  The two partners collaborate very close on each opportunity and agree how to execute as a team.

Tim Yates at DataXstream: “Our goal in 2023 is to have over half of the deals closed to be done by our resell partners”.  There are already several SAP resellers working with DataXstream, and DataXstream wants to expand with more resellers.  DataXstream started as a service partner with SAP but transformed themselves into a solution provider, focusing 100% on SAP, leveraging BTP and commercializing via the SAP store.   OMS+ is a cross channel Order Management System helping organizations sell better.  The solution works for customers with 1000s of users but can also scale down to customers as small as 25 users.  Customers typically report quick ROI after having implemented the solution, as well as increased employee satisfaction.

Watch the recording of the interview and the whole consumer product webinar.  For the retail webinar, see this recording. SAP partner login needed.

In the next blog post I will talk about the three circles of SAP's industry cloud; the structure of how resellers, solution partners and SAP work together leveraging SAP's industry cloud to take our businesses to the next level!

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