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It is true. You can run from it now, but it will eventually catch up with you. Enterprises have now started to realize the benefits of unwiring their organizations. Mobility has helped companies gain a competitive advantage in their shark-filled market. Companies have also seen increased revenues, shorter process-cycles, enhanced efficiencies, and more importantly, a boost to their customer satisfaction rate. You too - could see these benefits by going Mobile.

According to a recent study done by World Bank, 75% of the world population now uses some form of mobile device. Now, you may argue that social media is a prime form of communication but social media only covers 14% of the world. People in the small villages of India are unaware of Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, they use their phones for online-banking. M-commerce is wide-spread. According to CBR online, nearly a quarter of online sales will come from mobile by 2017. The m-commerce market in general has doubled to $66 Billion in 2011. A number unimaginable 5 years ago. 44% of users use their mobile devices while shopping to compare prices online. If you are in the retail industry, think about the possibility to exponentially increase sales with a mobile presence. Mobility is truly industry-agnostic. Every industry can take advantage of going mobile to see some immense benefits.

According to IntoMobile, 80% of user's don't leave home without their smartphones. An average user has about 28 applications installed on their mobile devices. Until now most of these apps were consumer applications. We are now seeing a paradigm shift where developer focus has shifted from consumer to enterprise applications. CIOs and CTOs of companies want to enable their employees with the latest and greatest in enterprise applications. They realize that having updated information right at their finger tips is what drives efficiency and increased revenues. I recently had a conversation with the CIO of a company that sells industry leading waterproof air barrier systems, exterior insulation systems, and hardcoat stucco systems. He said, Siddh, if I could equip my sales reps with a mobile application that provides a 360 degree view of the customer, their location, our product line and description, quantity available and pricing specific to their discounts, it would make a huge impact on our business. I told him, you have come to the right place. Let me explain ...

SAP not only has applications that meet your specific needs, but it is also the only company in the world that provides an end-to-end mobility portfolio. So when you think about investing in Mobility, we've got you covered. You want Mobility, we've got it. You want to deploy it in the cloud to minimize cost and hardware footprint, we've got it. You want some reporting and dashboarding capability to make informed and actionable decisions, you know we got it. Gartner says 'SAP is driving Analytics, Cloud, and Mobility in the Nexus of Forces.' I like to call us the Avengers of mobility market. According to IDC, SAP holds the largest market share at 16.4%. Our nearest competitors, Microsoft and MobileIron are still in single digits at less than 7%.

Moreover, SAP is making 'The Internet of Things' a reality. The Internet of things consists of 3 'things.' Mobile, Big Data, and Cloud. Imagine a world where everything is synced together. How frustrating is waking up at 4am for a 5am meeting only to find out that the meeting is canceled. What if my calendar could talk to my alarm clock and automatically change the time to wake me up? What if my alarm clock could send a signal to my coffee machine to start brewing my coffee later and I automatically get a notification on my phone that the gasoline in the car is low? Think about the possibilities. This is SAP's vision. And we are turning this vision into a reality with the Nexus of Forces.

SAP's mobility platform consists of 5 pillars:

  • Mobile Device Management (Afaria)
  • Application Development (Sybase Unwired Platform)
  • Out-of-Box Applications
  • Mobile Analytics
  • M-Commerce

The first step is to Secure not only the devices, but also all the corporate sensitive data on the devices. That is where an MDM solution comes in to play. In today's complex mobile market, employees want to use the devices of their choice. This is what we refer to as a BYOD strategy (Bring Your Own Device). According to CDW, 89% of employees use personally-owned mobile devices for work. The challenge is managing these wide range of devices and protecting the corporate data on these devices. This is where an MDM solution comes into play. MDM solutions secure devices, encrypt data, deploy applications, enforce policies, locate devices, remotely wipe data, and much more. Unfortunately, according to CDW, 67% of IT Managers are unfamiliar with a Mobile Device Management solution. Afaria is SAP's MDM solution. The key strength, however, is the integration between Afaria and SAP's out-of-the-box, easy to deploy enterprise applications. SAP has developed over 50 enterprise applications that integrates seamlessly with your SAP backend system. SAP's recent acquisition of Syclo brought the best-in-class Field Service applications for our customers. SAP is also taking advantage of its large eco-system to provide 100s of enterprise applications that our partners have developed. If, for any reason, these applications don't fit your business needs, our development platform helps you develop custom applications - the way you run your business - to meet your business needs. Sybase Unwired Platform is back-end agnostic and it leverages HTML5 technology. This technology significantly alleviates development related costs, time, and resources. Now, you can develop an application once, and deploy the same application to different types of mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc). In addition, we have a strong integration with BusinessObjects which provides analytical and dashboarding capability on the device of your choice - helping you make informed and actionable decisions.

In summary, mobility is here to stay. The sooner you jump on the bandwagon, the bigger will be the impact on your business. There are many niche mobility providers in the market today. But the real strength comes with SAP's Mobile portfolio. Let's review.

  • SAP is the only company in the world that provides an end-to-end mobility portfolio.
  • Other vendors are constantly struggling to match-up to SAP's standards and offerings. Good Technology recently acquired AppCentral - only to distribute applications. Afaria has been doing that for years. Kony acquires Sky Technologies to offer further enhancements to their product. MobileIron recently announced their new platform architecture is capable of deploying 100,000 devices on a single server. SAP pioneered this technology 5 years ago.So as you can see, other companies are struggling to offer the full breadth of mobile solutions that SAP is already offering and have pioneered.
  • SAP is making the 'Internet of Things' a reality.
  • Gartner says SAP is Driving Analytics, Cloud, and Mobility in the Nexus of Forces. We like to call ourselves the Avengers of Mobility world.
  • IDC has recognized SAP a leader in mobility space for the past 11 years straight. SAP holds the largest market share at 16.4%. Our nearest competitors are still in single-digits.
  • First company to offer a cloud deployment model through Amazon's AWS offering.
  • Since we are SAP, we have taken feedback from our customers for the past 40 years straight - and made our solutions the best solutions out there in the market.
  • Go SAP, Go Mobile!