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This blog post is based on a webinar presented by Laura Vega – “The Value of SAP BusinessObjects data with SAP Analytics Cloud”.

This blog will go over SAP Analytics Cloud Live Data Connect for SAP BusinessObjects Universe and how it will help you in your journey to the cloud. This post contains the key takeaways from the webinar and will provide you with time stamps to watch a more in-depth overview on-demand. To see a comprehensive demonstration and to view the Q&A session, please watch this webinar.


What is Live Data Connect for SAP BusinessObjects?

Live Data Connect was previously called Live Universe Connection. With the connection now supporting both SAP BusinessObjects Universe and Web Intelligence Documents, the feature is now called Live Data Connect to encompass both data sources.

Live Data Connect allows you to seamlessly connect your SAP BusinessObjects data in SAP Universe and Web Intelligence Documents to SAP Analytics Cloud. With this connection, you can leverage the power of SAP Analytics Cloud features such as Business Intelligence, Planning, and Augmented Analytics. Visit this page to learn more about how SAP Analytics Cloud can enhance and extend your on-premise solution.


Hybrid connectivity at SAP:

Our hybrid connectivity aims to create a mixed environment for our analytics tools whether it be Business Intelligence, Data Management, Augmented Analytics, etc. IT Investments are moving more towards the cloud for projects and applications. With a hybrid model, you will benefit from the flexibility of the cloud, as well as receive frequent, more advanced innovations, with new features being released each quarter. At SAP, we know that we have a large customer base that still use on-premise solutions and benefit from Business Intelligence Platforms and Web Intelligence. We acknowledge that our customers have built complex universes and don’t want to lose this investment. Therefore at SAP, we are still investing in our on-premise solutions and hybrid connectively options to bring you features such as Live Data Connect, so customers can continue using the rich environments they have already created for as long as possible, while leverage the modern analytical features of the cloud.

With Live Data Connect we are bridging SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects. You can build stories or dashboards connected on your SAP Universe or Web Intelligence Documents, enabling users to continue working with SAP BusinessObjects. With the hybrid model, you get the best of both solutions.


Live Connectivity:

Live Data Connect allows users to connect live to SAP BusinessObjects data from SAP Analytics Cloud. With live connectivity, the data remains in its original system and is never replicated to the cloud. With live connectivity you can leverage the semantics of your source systems such as like dimensions and measures, variables, hierarchies, and currencies of your original data source. In addition, you can connect to the data using the data authorizations and security of the source system. This means you don’t have to re-create the data security in SAP Analytics Cloud - you can rely on the authorizations from your on-premise solution, so users can retain the same rights when viewing data.

Live Data Connect is a standalone add-on that is available as a SAP BusinessObjects component from the SAP Marketplace.

Live Data Connect provides three main services to make connectivity seamless: Catalogue, Metadata, and Query.

  • With the catalogue service, you can list all the available SAP Universes and Web Intelligence Documents in your SAP BusinessObjects system.

  • The metadata service will then display all the metadata of the source in your query builder.

  • Finally, using the query service, you can create a model in SAP Analytics Cloud using the query builder.

Learn about the support configurations for Live Data Connect by visiting 15:50 of the webinar.

Currently there are three types of connections for live data connect. Discover the comparison of Live Data Connections by visiting 16:30 of the webinar. Throughout this blog and in the respective webinar, we cover the live connection to SAP Universe and Web Intelligence Documents.


The synergy between SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects:

  • Recap: you can connect SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly to SAP BusinessObjects via Universe or Web Intelligence to create a model that will be shared with your end users.

  • The second synergy is the support of SSO between SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects. In other words, a single log-in will be required when users are accessing either solutions through the Live Data Connection.

Hear how our customer, Sulzer GmbH, leveraged live data connectivity to begin their transition to SAP Analytics Cloud, by reading their story and going to 28:30 of the webinar.

Watch the live demonstration utilizing Live Data Connect by going to 30:50 of the webinar.

To learn more about how you can extend and enhance your current SAP BusinessObjects BI solution with SAP Analytics Cloud, watch our webinars and access new resources here.