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Update 04/2023: Check out the all new learning journey on SAP Landscape Management 3.0!


Looking for training on SAP Landscape Management (LaMa), the choice is now entirely yours: Either get your hands on the virtual Early Know Transfer trainings within the SAP Learning Hub* (please logon to the SAP Learning Hub first!) or go for the full 3-day classroom training LM300 by SAP Education. When we want to help you standardize and automate your SAP operations, your knowledge and experience is key!

Fellow SAP automation gurus and hybrid cloud operators,

SAP TechEd 2016 and releasing the LaMa into wild for the first time almost feels like yesterday. In the wake of the very first Hands On session on SAP Landscape Management 3.0 (totally not involving any nervousness nor excitement whatsoever), SAP Mentor christian.braukmller4 actually managed to sum up the whole LaMa heritage in just a single tweet:


No matter how far we are looking back, when it comes to great technologies and awesome solutions, one essential requirement to innovate always stood out: Training! To speed up your adoption for SAP innovations, SAP Education is the training and education partner to a whole ecosystem out there. That is exactly why over a year ago we sat together with SAP Education to elaborate an effective yet flexible plan to bring knowledge to the field - and that is you!


With the launch of every major product release, the first source of information is Early Knowledge Training* (EKT) as an integral part of the Early Adopter Services and Beta Programs SAP offers to introduce innovations for early adopters in a safeguarded fashion. With SAP Landscape Management not being an exception here, these EKTs are also available for LaMa and are constantly updated to cover the newest features.


So who is new to the family?

Last week, we launched the official SAP Education 3-day classroom training on SAP Landscape Management 3.0 (LM300). As an SAP world's first, the training really walked the talk by showcasing SAP operations for Hybrid Cloud deployments - in the Cloud and powered by SAP Cloud Appliance Library:


After the maiden flight takeoff and landing, we are honored to have received the type of feedback that possibly makes you most proud and happy at the same time when it comes to training classes: "It was fun!"

Want to get your hands (and eyes, and ears...) on the LM300 course as well? Either grab a training from the schedule for your country or approach SAP Education to discuss options for customer-specific training classes.


(*) SAP Learning Hub requires an active subscription
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