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SAP Cloud Platform Data Retention Manager Service is on a mission – To enable Deletion Orchestration for Business Applications on all Runtimes of SAP Cloud Platform.

After making a successful entry into Cloud Foundry a couple of years back and helping many business applications on Cloud Foundry with Deletion Orchestration, the next obvious stop is Kubernetes Runtime of SCP – SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, Kyma Runtime.

If you are new to SCP Data Retention Manager and would like to get an overview of the Service and its capabilities, get yourself familiarized through this Blog.

What is Kyma Runtime?

According to this recently completed CNCF Survey, the adoption rate of Cloud Native technologies in production is growing rapidly. Kubernetes is at the heart of this technological revolution. Naturally, the growth of cloud native technologies has been accompanied by the growth of the ecosystem that surrounds it.

Even at SAP, there is often a need to extend existing SAP and non-SAP solutions to create a competitive advantage and therefore a more comprehensive and unique customer experience.

With the launch of the SAP Kyma Runtime built on Kubernetes, SAP offers customers and partners an environment that allows them to build extensions by using both microservices and serverless functions.

This way it offers not only the possibility to extend one SAP solution, it also allows combining existing IT solutions to create new capabilities.

To know more about Kyma and its Capabilities, jump onto this read.

Exposing Deletion Orchestration Capabilities for Applications on Kyma

SCP Data Retention Manager would be available for all Applications deployed on Kyma Runtime. Thus, any Application deployed on Kyma with a requirement to Orchestrate Deletion and Archiving of Business Data, could integrate with Data Retention Manager to manage the same.

The diagram below showcases the Use case of DRM integrating with a Business Application that is deployed and available in SAP Kyma runtime

Any Business Application of a Customer that has a Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) on SAP Cloud Platform can choose to create a Kyma Runtime on SCP and see Data Retention Manager Service in the Service Catalog of the Kyma Cockpit.

The customer can then purchase Data Retention Manager as part of the CPEA cloud credits and create a Service Instance to start utilizing the Data Retention Manager capabilities.

For information related to Integrating with SCP Data Retention Manager, refer to the documentation in the More Details section below.


SCP Data Retention Manager would be the right fit for every SCP business application on SCP Kyma that wants to make sure the lifecycle of data is managed in the appropriate way through central rules that guide the Residence and Retention period of business data.

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