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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Everyone,

I’m so happy that SAP Lumira Edge Server has been released to customer!  Here’s a quick overview of what we have with this initial 1.0 shipment:

This is an on-premise edition of Lumira Server for smaller teams: The Lumira Edge Server edition brings the power of a new, embedded, lightweight, in-memory acceleration engine called Velocity, whilst running on commodity hardware. This standalone server product is typically suited to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & Lines of Business (LoBs) and is aimed at use-cases that consume smaller datasets and have lower complexity.

  • It’s quick to download at 660 Mb zipped. Once installed, the footprint on disk is 2 GB, so it’s small & cheap to host.

  • The server-side installation itself takes about 5 minutes, and is super-easy as there’s only 1 input screen!

  • Post-installation, there’s almost no configuration at all, and the administration is minimal.

  • The Administrator creates Users from the Members screen, defines their Role (end-user / admin), then license Type (concurrent / named):

  • The Administrator defines Groups for the various teams of Users:

  • The Administrator assigns Users to Groups:

  • Only an Administrator can end sessions from their console. Also change licenses and restart the server from the Maintenance screen:

  • When Users log-on, they can view shared Lumira documents online:

  • Users can edit & visualize documents online. They can also Compose stories & infographics over the web:

  • Desktop installations will need to be pointed to the Edge server, via the Preferences screen:

  • Local desktop documents can be saved (uploaded) from the desktop client, to the Lumira Edge Server repository:

  • Saved documents can then be downloaded again from server for desktop usage, or shared with other team mates via the server:

    1. User and Admin guide (combined in one):
    2. Release Restrictions:

  • A 5-minute recorded demonstration of Lumira Edge can be found here:

I guess all i need to say now is, Happy visualizing!  We @Sap can't wait to hear your feedback on the product, we are listening.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions on this blog, or alternatively, please open up a discussion thread in the Lumira forum.