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Looking at the current discussions around IoT inside and outside SAP I will work on an overview of scenarios discussed within Discrete Manufacturing.

This is a Blog post reflecting my personal ideas and I will not only cover scenarios alread realized but also put some ideas on the table. No all of them are 'ready to implement', the should help you to understand the idea of IoT and to discuss possible scenarios with your customer.

Feel free to discuss, or even better, to realize them.

Maintenance optimization in Transportation and Logistics

Based on usage data move assets like locomotoves to the maintenance facility to prevent unplanned breakdown while on track or in a location without proper maintenance facilities.

Benefit : Beside avoiding downtime you are able to reschedule operation so the locomotive will be at the repair shop and replacement engines are already in service.

Example : Trenitalia

Realize : PdMS

Operation excellence in Transportation and Logistics

Rolling stock like engines and cars are always in a good condition to serve your customer. You do not need to think of broken equipment somewhere on the tracks that will block lines and needs complex and costly transport to get to the repair shop. And you always have the trains and trucks needed to serve your customer. No missing cooling devices for food or broken a/c or toilets in passenger trains.

Example : Trenitalia

Realize : PdMS and Work Order Management