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Welcome to the new SAP Jam – release 1502. This release brings a variety of administrative and ease-of-use enhancements as well as several new features.  As always, the majority of enhancements in SAP Jam releases are driven directly by customer feedback. This posting will cover highlights in the following topics.

New work pattern

Personal time zone for events and calendars


Content & content management


New high tech manufacturing industry work pattern: Design registration for use with SAP Cloud for Customer

New in release 1502 is the first industry-focused work pattern: High tech manufacturing design registration. This work pattern is exclusively available to customers of SAP Cloud for Customer, enabling manufacturing companies (specifically semiconductor and component manufacturers) to collaborate and communicate with channel partners by automating the design registration life cycle to maximize channel revenue and increase design wins. Additionally, brand owners can monitor their pipeline, analyze risks, and get accurate forecasts, allowing them to understand how their business is doing.

Personal time zone for events and calendars

When working with meetings and events that involve colleagues in other time zones and counties, we've made it easier to keep yourself on schedule – a personalized time zone per event. In addition to being able to save the event to your personal email/calendaring application, you can now also tell SAP Jam what time zone you’d like the event represented in when you look at it, regardless of what time zone the meeting owner scheduled it in. This lets you know the correct time for your local time zone, as well as the original time zone it was scheduled in.


Notifications tile

To the right of your home feed, there’s a new “notification summary” tile that gives you a quick and easy view of the different notifications you have pending. You can see how many requests you have, social updates, group invites, and tasks. Then, from the tile, you can click through to a filtered view of your notifications.

Notifications filters

The new notifications filter view allows you to quickly and easily see all your notifications, or a subset, by category.  From the filtered view, you can then take action or dismiss notifications as before, but also mass-dismiss all notifications in that category, saving you time and mouse-clicks.

Content & content management

Content ratings

The new content rating capability allows colleagues to rate documents on a one- to five-star rating. Content owners can then use the ratings to identify helpful content as well as content that need improvement. Content ratings are visible in the content list view of a group as a new column, as well as on the single-item view of the document in the right sidebar panel (where the description and details are viewed). Users can change their rating at any time in the future as you make content updates.

Content rank report

Group administrators can now use a new report to see the popularity of group content, utilizing the new content ratings to see how documents are rated across the entire group.

Image album browsing

Users of SAP Jam asked for a way to make it easier to browse multiple images while looking at folder. We've added left (previous) and right (next) buttons that appear when looking at an image in the single-item view. Clicking either of these buttons takes you to the respective previous or next image within the same content folder.

Content permissions before/during upload

To prevent unintentional access or viewing of documents before their permissions have been set, we've made it possible for content owners to set permissions at the same time that they upload documents.

Content drafts

When working with wikis, blogs, overview pages, and forum items (questions, ideas, and discussions), drafts are conveniently saved every 10 seconds automatically by SAP Jam. You can additionally force a draft save via the “save draft” button. If you save a draft of an item, you’ll see a new drafts section at the top of the content area. When working on items, you can also add links, files and photos to your draft and these won’t appear in the content area of the group until it’s published.

Content versioning for images

Along with all other uploaded documents, images now support versioning, allowing you to see and keep track of prior versions. This will make it much easier for group administrators to keep track of images and make sure only the “latest” version is exposed.

Revert to a specific version of a document

The new capability to revert to a specific version of a document makes it easier to manage versions. If you think a prior version is better than the most recent, reverting to the older one will create a new copy with the prior version’s content, while also maintaining the version history.

Delete specific versions of documents

If you’re a marketing or HR professional, there are occasions where having a specific version of a document that includes errors might cause problems. The new capability to delete a specific version eliminates this confusion. When looking at the prior versions of a document, a version that was deleted is indicated as being deleted, but is no longer accessible.


Overview pages and links now included in consumption reports

If you like to measure the effectiveness and engagement of your SAP Jam groups, the newly added metrics will boost your reporting, giving you visibility into the performance of the various overview pages and links in reports. You can now see the metrics for all content in your group, which means you can see what content and pages aren't getting the attention they deserve.

Group member list report updated with new fields

Group administrators asked the SAP Jam team for a way to identify when their “1,000th” member joined (for example). To make this possible without asking your company's IT department for help, we've added the “join date” column to the group member list export (from the group member page). Additionally, the "status," "email notification setting," and "following" fields are available.

For more information

For more information about what else is included in this release, refer to the release notes on the SAP Jam help site:

Be sure to review the user guides, which are now separated by role:

  • User guide (for everyone using SAP Jam)
  • Group admin guide (for group administrators)
  • Administrator's guide (for company administrators)
  • Mobile app user's guide (for everyone)
  • Developer's guide (for integration, our API, and more)

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