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To further let you automate and standardize SAP operations and reduce the cloud spending, the first set of public REST APIs for SAP Landscape Management Cloud was launched this week. After onboarding your SAP systems, you can now configure REST API access to programmatically get information about all managed systems from within SAP Landscape Management Cloud. Furthermore, you can drill down into instance details of all systems.

On top of getting system information, you can trigger operations like starting and stopping systems. All API end points are documented in the SAP Business Accelerator Hub at

Inside your tenant of SAP Landscape Management Cloud, you can create and delete API Keys for your tenant and control access via API scopes. Both is documented in the SAP Help Portal.

Baseline for event-driven automation

Next to the available REST API endpoints, SAP Landscape Management Cloud can now emit CloudEvents once operations are started, finished, or ran into an error. This allows you to react to newly triggered activities in a standardized fashion once they take place. There is no need to regularly poll an API endpoint for new operations, but you can just wait for it to happen and then trigger your custom script or inform your system operators.

Event-driven automation is a new area for SAP Landscape Management Cloud. Inside your tenant, you can configure SAP Event Mesh as an event receiver for all emitted events. This too is documented well in the Help Portal. In the future, we plan to support more / any event broker to receive status changes from within SAP Landscape Management Cloud.

Furthermore, all current events are flagged as “Beta” as we want you to first explore this new way of automation before finalizing on the structure, payload, and names for event. You can find their documentation as well in the SAP Business Accelerator Hub.

Provide feedback

The API endpoints and events are the first step. Please let us know via the comments which API endpoints, events, and event broker you expect in the future so that you can influence our roadmap.

We will share more details and examples on the newly introduced API endpoints and the topic of event-driven automation in the next couple of days.

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