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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Who could have imagined that when we asked the SAP community to apply or nominate others to join the SAP Mentors program, that we would have close to 400 candidates from 53 countries to choose from?! This is amazing! It confirms that the SAP community is huge and vibrant. At the same time, it's also a signal that legitimizes the awareness and trust the SAP Mentors have created in the broader SAP ecosystem.

The SAP Mentors program is going through a transformation, and this includes the way we are recruiting new Mentors:

  1. Transparency about our gaps - our Mentors Wanted posters lists specific attributes and profiles of people we're looking for. "Mentor Magic" is always important, and we are looking beyond the SCN to ensure the SAP Mentors community is diverse and representative of the SAP world. 
  2. Continuous recruitment - with the year-round nomination system, we can keep our eyes and ears open to identify new influencers and interested candidates, while building up a list of potential Mentors. Candidates who weren't chosen in this round can still be eligible in our next intake in August.
  3. Wisdom of the crowd - our community knows best and that's why we've entrusted you to nominate our future SAP Mentors. When it comes to selecting the new Mentors, we're following the same rule and sharing this responsibility to the newly elected SAP Mentors Advisory Board.

I would like to thank each and every member of the Advisory Board for spending countless hours reviewing profiles and credentials of hundreds of candidates. Because we didn't know every candidate personally, and not every candidate had a SCN profile or content, we had to use our best judgement. Having so many candidates who are SAP experts and influencers in the SAP ecosystem made our job difficult. However, we were also glad to have such a deep pool of talented and community-minded individuals to pick from.  After several rounds of voting by the Board to create short lists of candidates, followed by deliberation, here is the outcome:

  • andre.fischer to personally introduce themselves to the SCN community.