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It isn’t a well-kept secret that our data has become larger and more complex than ever. Deep within our large datasets lie valuable insights that hold the key to becoming a data-driven and innovative enterprise. Unfortunately, trying to uncover critical insights in these large datasets is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. While data analytics has become a pivotal solution for retrieving the answers you’ve been searching for, your data needs to be accessible and well-managed to effectively extract valuable insights and deliver intelligent innovation.

SAP HANA Cloud is a data management solution that enables your organization to centrally store data from all data sources—whether from SAP, non-SAP, Cloud, or on-premise sources. This fully managed cloud-native database platform quickly connects you to your data in real-time, so your organization can develop powerful applications, leverage advance analytics, and make strategic business decisions. With SAP HANA Cloud’s powerful in-memory database, your organization can uncover untapped insights and bring innovation to the forefront of the enterprise.

How to Leverage Data-based Innovation with SAP HANA Cloud 

Store, Manage, and Access all Data Types from Multiple Sources

Storing, managing, and accessing large amounts of data can be difficult, especially when your data comes from a variety of sources and formats such as IoT, social media, location data, and more. Working with data from different sources across your organization can cause data silos, making it virtually impossible to consolidate and analyze your data. To effectively harness the power of big data for innovation and advanced analytics, you need to be able to quickly connect to all your data so you can begin consolidating.

Regardless of the application you are connected to, SAP HANA Cloud works as a central data management solution that offers organizations real-time access to all data from all SAP, non-SAP, Cloud, and on-premise data sources. Adapters come out-of-the-box to help you connect to multiple sources.

Low-Cost Storage Option

Storing large amounts of data can be quite expensive and cause performance issues. This makes it quite challenging for your applications, such as SAP Analytics Cloud, to quickly access the data that contains relevant insights for your business. SAP HANA Cloud offers high-speed, low-cost storage options, including SAP HANA native storage extension and a relational data lake that provides optimal storage for the petabyte scale. These storage options were built to handle any size of data, no matter the format or source.

Develop Intelligent Applications

SAP HANA Cloud is not only an effective data management center but also a powerful platform for developing and deploying intelligent applications. Using the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry (SCP) environment, SAP HANA Cloud provides an open-source PaaS technology for developing cloud applications with ease. The SCP Cloud Foundry environment provides an industry-standard API that any application can use to access objects in SAP HANA Cloud. To create an enabling environment for developers, SAP HANA Cloud supports the development of a wide range of application types while allowing developers to choose their preferred programming language.

Whether you're building custom analytical applications, geographical apps with spatial engines, or connecting to existing SAP applications such as SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud ensures your data brings value to your organization.

Harness the Power of Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Insights

SAP HANA Cloud empowers your organization to innovate without boundaries by leveraging multiple data types and harnessing the power of advanced analytics. Through its multi-modal processing capabilities, SAP HANA Cloud helps you manage your data locally and remotely in real-time. In applications, such as SAP Analytics Cloud, you can then quickly access this data in real-time and start harnessing the powerful capabilities of advanced analytics. Integrating SAP HANA Cloud with other analytic applications allows your organization to uncover hidden insights on the fly and make strategic business decisions, providing you with an edge over your competition.

Learn how SAP HANA Cloud can elevate your data management process.

The Benefits of Using SAP HANA Cloud

The Speed and Power of SAP HANA – Now in the Cloud

Speed gives organizations the edge over the competition. For years, SAP HANA enabled organizations to run complex operations faster than ever. Now, the speed of SAP HANA is available in the cloud. Using SAP HANA Cloud with applications such as SAP Analytics Cloud, allows you to quickly gain insights from data by running transactional and analytical operations in real-time.

Scale in Seconds

Built with a modern, scalable query engine, SAP HANA Cloud offers the flexibility to scale up based on your organization’s needs. Move your data between the data lake, disk, and in-memory, providing scalability no matter the data volume, user count, or complexity of the workload. Leverage the data tiering capabilities of data lake to manage and collect data through a reasonable life cycle. Critical data is available in real-time, urgent data available in near-real-time, and important but older data is available as quickly as possible. You can manage and quickly access data through virtualization powered by SAP HANA smart data access. This technology enables organizations to seamlessly toggle between storing data remotely or moving data to local data sets, without copying the data.

Build and Run Intelligent Applications

The high performance of SAP HANA Cloud makes it perfect for developing and running powerful custom applications to further enhance your SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities. It also gives you the flexibility to run applications on-premise, in the Cloud or a combination of both. For example, you can point your on-premise application to SAP HANA Cloud to consume and transform data from multiple sources, including other Cloud sources. You can also build powerful applications for the Cloud.

SAP HANA Cloud is an open platform that can be connected to any tool or data source. This means you can run custom applications using SQL. SAP HANA Cloud also supports additional data types such as geospatial, graph, or document.

Data Security

SAP HANA Cloud was built with security in mind. Mask and anonymize data to protect privacy – while still being able to analyze the data. Data is encrypted and protected, no matter where the data is stored. Flexible user management ensures that only the right people have access to the data. SAP HANA Cloud's reliable auditing capabilities provide a detailed log of actions for every part of your SAP HANA Cloud instances. 

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