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This blog is a continuation of the blog series Integration Suite – Simplified Onboarding and Provisioning  . Here I would explain different ways an Integration Suite customer can view the usage ( instances and messages) reported from the tenants.


SAP Integration Suite comes in different variants to cater the needs of customers.

Refer the SAP note for getting more details on features offered via different SKUs of Integration Suite.

You can also refer SAP Discovery Center to understand the pricing related details.

In this blog, I would walk you through different Usage metrics available for Integration Suite metering.

Let's get started.

Integration Suite - Usage:

Integration Suite usage is measured with two metrics : instances  and messages.

The below table summarizes different metrics displayed for Integration Suite service in the BTP cockpit:

Metric Description

Total number of tenants.

Example: If the value is 3 for the current month,You would be charged for 3 units of tenants against SAP Integration Suite, standard edition (8008411)

This can be viewed from Global Account overview screen.

This means Additional Messages in the Blocks of 10K messages.

Example: If the value is 2 for the current month,You would be charged for 2 units of Additional Messages against SAP Integration Suite, add'l messages (8008414) 
 Total Integration Suite Messages excl. SAP to SAP

 Total Integration Suite messages minus the messages consumed via SAP-to-SAP standard-unmodified integration flows.

This message metric would contribute to the derivation of billable messages.


If you have 2 Integration Suite tenants and let's say in a month the messages consumption from tenant one is 12500 , tenant two is 17500 ,


  • Total Consumed Messages is 12500 + 17500 = 30000

  • For each tenant, you would already get 10000 bundled messages. Since you have 2 tenants, you already have the entitlements for 10000*2 = 20000 messages without any additional cost.

Total chargeable additional messages = 30000 - 20000 = 10000 = 1 block of 10k message.

You would be charged for 1 additional message against 8008414 .
Total Cloud Integration Messages  Total messages consumed via the cloud integration capability. Note that this value includes the SAP-to-SAP messages as well.
Total API Management Messages Total messages consumed via the API Management capability
Total Open Connector Messages Total messages consumed via the Open Connector capability
Excluded SAP-to-SAP Integration Messages Total messages consumed via standard,unmodified content delivered by SAP,which is meant for  SAP-to-SAP Integration scenarios.


Total Integration Suite Messages excl. SAP to SAP = (Total Cloud Integration Messages + Total API Management Messages + Total Open Connector Messages  ) - Excluded SAP-to-SAP Integration Messages

Refer the SAP Note 2942344 - SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite - Message Metric Definition - SAP ONE Support Launchp...for getting additional details on the definition of Integration Suite message .


Now let's have a closer look at different available screens for viewing the usage from different persona point of view:

Global Account Administrator:

Global Accounts Overview:

The below screenshot shows different ways to capture the usage at the Global Account level. You can either export the usage report by clicking on Export > All Data (or) By navigating to Global Account Overview ( this view is available only CPEA Accounts):

CPEA - Global Account - Integration Suite - Usage Overview


The above screenshot means that on this Global Account one integration suite tenant running without any additional usage of messages.

Service and Subaccount Usage:

Global Account Admin can also view the usage of Integration Suite service at different subaccount levels by navigating to Service Usage (or) Subaccount Usage screens as shown below:

Service and Subaccount Usage


Subaccount Administrator:

Subaccount Administrator can get additional details on usage as shown below:

Subaccount - Integration Suite - Usage Analytics


You can also apply multiple filters like Service , Metric and Period as shown below:

Usage Analytics - Filtering


In Summary, I have shared the information on how different personas can have a look at the usage reported from Integration Suite tenants.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog series.

See you again with another interesting blog.

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