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Last Update: 08.12.2021

In this blog post I would like to explain

  • What is SAP Central Business Configuration

  • How can you Integrate SAP Central Business Configuration with SAP Cloud ALM

  • What is the benefit of this Integration


What is SAP Central Business Configuration

SAP Central Business Configuration is a new solution that will make it possible to configure business processes that span across different SAP products from one central place. SAP Central Business Configuration will first allow the configuration of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition.

You can start with an overview or read this blog post  to know more.

Integrating SAP Central Business Configuration with SAP Cloud ALM

You can connect SAP Cloud ALM with SAP Central Business Configuration by following this setup guide.

Update Dec 2021

A new option to create the end point automatically has been added

only in case of errors you should try the manual end point creation explained below.

Note: To perform the manual setup you need certain OAuth2Client credentials in step 6. You will need to create a ticket for component X4-CBC-SRV. We recommend the following title and description.


Title: OAuth2Client Credentials for Integration with SAP Cloud ALM

Description: We would like to integrate SAP Cloud ALM with SAP Central Business Configuration. Please set up and send us the required OAuth2Client credentials.

What happens after the setup

After you perform the setup , you see an option to select Integration scenario in your Project Setup in SAP Cloud ALM

After selecting this option you can find the Projects for the Starter or the Implementation system and choose the appropriate Projects.


On saving the Project you can navigate to SAP Central Business Project from SAP Cloud ALM Project.

You can navigate after you save the Project and are in display mode

or via the Task navigation as explained further.

How SAP Cloud ALM Project is different from SAP Central Business Project

SAP Cloud ALM Project focuses on End to End Implementation experience powered by SAP Activate methodology. SAP Central Business Configuration Project shows the Project activities and configuration activities focused on customer's Business Configuration.

What is the benefit of this Integration

SAP Activate methodology offers customers end to end guidance on how to start and execute a Project e.g. an SAP S/4HANA Cloud Project. When this methodology is loaded into SAP Cloud ALM, it offers a structured guidance on when to use which system in the correct sequence.

After you perform this setup , you can use SAP Cloud ALM as the guidance system . You can understand the order in which the tasks need to be executed and seamlessly navigate to SAP Central Business Configuration when needed.

you can find the Project activities from linked SAP Central Business Project in SAP Cloud ALM by using the Source filter

The project activities from SAP Central Business Configuration are mapped to the Activate deliverable and phases. Activate tasks are shown as parents for SAP Central Business Configuration project activities

What is planned for future

SAP wants the customers to have a seamless experience using SAP products. So we will strive to continuously improve this integration in future. Stay tuned to know more.

Lets start a dialogue , feel free to leave a comment or give feedback.

You can visit the blog post below that is one central place for Project and Task management in SAP Cloud ALM
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