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Recently I installed asolution manager 7.2 abap and java under one container Oracle multitenant 19c, here I am sharing some important tips, hope can help in the future. Especially second system installed into container is more interested.

2336881-Using Oracle Multitenant with SAP NetWeaver based Products
2884255 - Using Oracle Database Services for SAP NetWeaver for Multitenant Databases
2333995-BR*Tools support for Oracle multitenant database

System structure:








OS user:
oracle => still oracle user as oracle software owner, which also used to install oracle software
oracdb => containder database ora<sid>
a07adm => abap/A07 admin user <sid>adm, which can admin database as well
j07adm => java/J07 admin user <sid>adm, which can admin database as well

there is no ora<sap sid> user for each SAP system any more

ABAP system installation SID=A07, I will only pasted database relevant parts:

then in swpm click continue


JAVA system installation SID=J07, I will only pasted database relevant parts:

here you give existing CDB ID, SWPM will detected it, and install pdb into it

here has option value PDB in "Inlstall Additional Pluggable Database", not sure what it means, and selecting PDB gives error:
TRACE 2023-01-14 21:27:46.809 (root/sapinst) (startInstallation) [Installer Callback]
rbInstallMT: PDB
ERROR 2023-01-14 21:27:46.809 (root/sapinst) (startInstallation) [iaxxbjsmod.cpp:83] id=osmod.generic.message errno=MOS-01242
ERROR: invalid value for rbInstallMT: 'PDB' >>>

!!!!! this is a bug, will be fixed in next swpm verion which released in Feb 2023

After installation, the db like: