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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
When we announced the no-code contest, I promised to offer some ideas for projects to submit.

The first thing you can do, as others submit entries, is to check out what they have done. We already have an entry, that originated from the news: an app to check food alerts, in the wake of the recent salmonella outbreak that ruined my chocolate supplies.

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Keep it simple

The first thing to keep in mind is that you want the project to be simple.

  • Use the community edition.

  • Instead of using a backend service or even free API, you can define on-device data storage, define a simple data model, and then let the user store data locally. This is typical if you build something like a local calendar or to-do list.

  • Create only a few screens, maybe a list screen and detail screen. Maybe focus on creating one nice screen, like an Instagram feed or dashboard.

  • Or focus on the UI, making the main screen pixel-perfect, with nice edges and graphics.


Check out the spotlight series

Check out esmee_xavier's Creator Spotlight series, where she tells about the many applications created/designed with SAP AppGyver.

Creator Spotlight

2 apps from there: an investing app, and an app to give cooking inspiration.


Check out YouTube

YouTube has a lot of ideas, so it's worth checking out. You can skip all the videos on connecting to Firebase and AirTable or other backends (unless you really want to), as these are more complicated, we're focusing on connecting public APIs, and, to be honest, eventually we will be be connecting to SAP backends.

I wanted to point out some specific videos/playlists you can check out:

  • AppGyver Channel: Of course, start with the source

  • Curiosity Lab: These are quite long videos for the most part, but they take you through all the steps to lay out the UI and to make it look professional.

  • Shankar Gomare: Videos with SAP scenarios (be advised that new capabilities are coming for SAP integration) and using OData services.

Some other videos that describe specific apps:

I'll give more ideas next week, and an update on my baseball app.
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