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Succeeding in the Experience Economy means that businesses listen, understand, and act, in a continuous and connected cycle of improvement.

Employee XM means putting people at the heart of your business and get the breakthrough employee insights that drive your business forward.

In this blog, we will present one of the our HR innovative scenario where People Pulse lets you get faster and act quickly to make improvements. Retaining a talented and motivated workforce starts with listening to employees’ mood and needs, thus being able to take actions whenever necessary. Surveying employees periodically with traditional surveys used to involve rather lengthy, tedious and impersonal forms to be filled-in.

For employees, a chatbot (web-based or mobile app) introduces a fun, easy and dialog-driven way to provide feedback periodically. For HR managers, a 360° dashboard combines the collected experience data with operational data (X+O data) to derive meaningful insights and trigger further action in collaboration with the corresponding team managers in the current SuccessFactors platform.


How does it work?


The persona: Fernanda (28)

  • Graduate as master of business economics

  • Passionate beach volleyball player

  • Three years at fitnessy, works in Finance department


Fernanda is asked once a quarter by email to provide feedback in the fitnessy People Pulse survey. By clicking on the link, the survey starts (on desktop as well on mobile devices). The survey is working in a chatbot style and consists of three questions, one with NPS score, one for positive sentiments and one for negative sentiments. After answering the questions by voice or writing, the chatbot will ask one follow-up question for each topic to get additional information depending on Fernanda’s initial answer.



The Persona: Michael (40) married, two boys

  • Loves to work at fitnessy for nearly 20 years

  • Big fan of Tennis player Alex Zverev

  • Director of People Analytics

After the last People Pulse survey, Michael takes a look into his People Analytics Dashboard. He drills down on the KPI “Key Talent Attrition Rate” (O data) and in the heatmap, he sees that the key talent segment “High Potentials” has a low engagement score for the cluster “Professional development” (X data). He then explores employee’s textual feedback by topic (X data) and by drilling down further, he realizes that High Potentials have a higher-than average time in position than other key talent segments (O data).


Solution Highlights & Pilot Architecture

User Experience

End user (employee) interacts with chatbot on any device to fill out the fitnessy People Pulse and give feedback during moments that matter along the employee lifecycle


  • Event-triggered chatbot interaction includes push notification based on certain moments in employee lifecycle

  • 360° dashboard combining X + O data

  • Real-time text analysis during chatbot interaction


  • Integration to Qualtrics to collect customer feedback and EX data

  • Integration to SuccessFactors to retrieve employee master data, learning data, etc.

  • All data will be displayed in People analytics dashboard in SAP Analytics Cloud


Business Benefits

  • Providing feedback made simple, fun and more personal for employees.

  • Periodical chatbot interaction with real-time text analysis to narrow down what follow-up questions to ask and to substantially reduce the overall number of questions.

  • Actionable insights gained from employee responses together with essential KPIs.

  • Employees’ textual feedback elicited through text or voice chat input, analyzed and aggregated through Qualtrics Text iQ

  • Workflows triggered on SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard


The Takeaways

The scenario I described in this blog post showcases how you can enrich existing business process with experience data to gain important insights into customers’ perception of the employee and HR content perspective.

From a technical standpoint, the implementation is based on standard Qualtrics – SAP Coversational AI integration, which, in addition, allows you to create extensions such as SAC integration to analyze HR KPIs  and X+O relationship and let you know how to trigger further HR actions in Successfactors.

If you are looking for more information, I encourage you to research it further using the links I provided or get back to me with your comments.

This blog post is just out of our personal experience and learning of the topic. It does not represent any official statements for SAP’s product directions or functionalities.


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