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With the following document you will determine the available e-mail options for Incident Management and Change Request Management documents in Solution Manager 7.1.

This blog is valid for Solution Manager 7.1, the screenshots was taken from a Solution Manager 7.1 SP5.


News: The content of this SCN doc will be maintained in SCN wiki page


In Solution Manager 7.1 there are now different ways to trigger e-mails actions from the documents:

- E-mail creation in CRM Web UI

- PPF E-mail actions: the following incident management standard actions are explained in detail

    • E-mail to Reporter

    • E-Mail to Reporter at Status Change

    • E-Mail to Message Observer

- PPF E-mail actions using HTML mail forms since Solman 7.1 SP10


We will see also the available smartforms and the way to send e-mail to multiple recipients indicated in one BP.

1. Settings for e-mail creation in the CRM WebClient UI

The Outgoing E-mail transaction type must be maintained in the following customizing:

Go to transaction SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> One-to-One E-Mail -> Assign Transaction Types

Maintain the outgoing e-mail transaction type here:

Define Multipart E-Mail Option and Groupware Integration:

2. How to Configure Outbound E-Mail in the CRM WebClient UI as a follow-up transaction

You can send e-mails as follow-up documents from Incidents and other CRM transactions.

If this does not work, and you have upgraded your system from a previous Solution Manager release, please follow
the instructions in note 1587298 CRM_UI: E-mail not available as follow-up transaction

1. Call transaction CRMC_PROCESS_MA.

2. Select transaction type "0005" and, in the structure tree, select "Assignment of Business Transaction Categories".

3. Select the business transaction category "Business Activity"and, in the structure tree, select "Customizing header"

4. Select the category "E-mail" (401).

5. In spro go to Customer Relationship Management -> Transactions -> Settings for Activities -> Maintain Categories, Goals, and Priorities -> Maintain Categories.

Ensure that Category "401" (description "E-Mail") use Class "G Email" from the dropdown list.

6. Also ensure that in spro-> SAP Solution Manager -> Capabilities (Optional) -> IT Service Management->Follow-up Document Creation -> Define Copying Control for Transaction Types

Definitions for the standard type SMIN:

Specify Mapping Rules for Copy Control

The same need to be done for ChaRM transaction types like SMCR,…

Note: If the e-mail button in CRM Web UI is opening an appointment ensure that in spro points under

….  > IT Service Management  > Follow-Up Document Creation  are also followed for the indicated transaction type:

3. Sending E-mails

You can send E-Mails in several ways in the CRM WebClient UI.

3.1. Function More-> Send E-mail

The E-Mail contains by default the Description text from the Text assignment block. You can change the format (HTML or text), recipient, subject and contents of the E-Mail before you send it.

It opens the Email Editor page.

The email should be linked to the incident, see Reference field and Related Transactions AB.

This function is available for SMIN,SMRQ, SMCR, SMMJ, SMHF documents:

Note: for charm document it could be a BSP error CX_BOL_EXCEPTION when you:

1. click on Send Email in a request for change or normal change document in crm_ui

2. in the following send email screen, click on cancel.

These two notes should solve the issue: 1772697, 1723372.

3.2 Incident Management: Delivered E-Mail sending actions in the standard

The following PPF actions are supporting e-mail notifications via Smart Forms:

-  Manually created e-mails:

    • <Action_Profile_Name>_MAIL

    • <Action_Profile_Name>_MAIL_PROCESSOR

- Automatically created E-Mails:

    • <Action_Profile_Name>_MAIL_REPORTER

    • <Action_Profile_Name>_MAIL_WATCHLIST

There are special PPF actions to determine the support team automatically. These actions can be customized to send e-mails to the support team that has been found:

  • <Action_Profile_Name>_FIND_PARTNER_FDT: Find Support Team Responsible by FDT Rule

  • <Action_Profile_Name>_FIND_TEAM_SEND_EMAIL: Find Support Team and Send E-Mail

See note 2050396 - Email to Support Team is not sent: "No recipient available"

There are special PPF action <Action_Profile_Name>_MAIL_FORM, E-Mail to Reporter with Mail Form, to automatically send an email with CRM mail form
if message status is set to Customer Action or Proposed Solution.

3.2.1. E-mail to Reporter in detail

Action ZMIN_STD_MAIL:  Sends e-Mail to reporter of message, but this action needs to be triggered manually from the document.

Select the option ‘E-mail to Reporter’ from the list.

3.2.2. E-Mail to Reporter at Status Change in detail


3.2.3. E-Mail to Message Observer


Automatically sends an e-Mail to the users which have the message in their watch list in case there is a text change in the message.

In the workcenter click on the button “Add to Watch List”

A message saying: “Message added to Watch List” appears in the upper part of the screen

Click on the button Reply and add some text. In a while you will receive an e_mail with a pdf  attachment. Check the file attached. The name of the file and the subject of the e_mail are as follows: [Incident ID: Incident Description]

The content of the attachment is showing some details like Priority and Status, Short text and the text you just added (Reply).

3.2.4. E-Mail to Reporter with Mail Form


An E-Mail in HTML format is sent to the reporter of the incident message.

See Personalized E-Mail spro point for details:

See notes:

- 1751307 E-Mail Notification when Information from SAP sent to SM 7.1

3.3 Change Request management: Delivered E-Mail sending actions in the standard

See the content in SCN Wiki page .


4. Smartforms

When sending e-mails via actions, you will receive and e-mail, the content of the smartform will be the content of the e-mail or the content of the PDF file attached to the e-mail. This will depend on the settings of scot, SAPscript/Smart Forms PDF or TXT.

In the email action you should maintain these entries:

Mail Settings:


When using AI_CRM_IM_SHORT_TEXT_LINK_FORM form you will get an e-mail which contains the link to the document but to the document in the workcenter:

Note: In case of error "Entity could not be determined" please see note 1832463 (don´t forget the manual activities).

When using form AI_CRM_IM_FULL_DATA_FORM  you can use the customizing of the text types, call SM30: AICV_TEXT_SFORM  (View Texts in Smart Forms is displayed) to define the texts contained in the e-mail.

You can currently only define the text types for this smart form.

With the above configuration you will get and email with this content:

But the link to the message is gone…..

- Processing Class: CL_SDK_DOC_PROC_CRM_ORDER.

- Processing Method: CRM_SRVORDER_EXEC_SF_MMR, this is the standard processing method for email actions in Solution Manager 7.1

Note: CRM_SRVORDER_EXEC_SMART_FORM was the processing method for Solution Manager 7.0, can be used in Solution Manager 7.1 but it is not allowing sending an email to multiple recipients as indicated in section “5. E-mail to multiple recipients”

- Keep Archive Mode: Mail Only unchanged.

Please check this example for getting the link to the document in crm_ui by writing some code in the smartform:


                lv_host ':' lv_port




                INTO lv_url.

crm-object-type=AIC_OB_CMCR for  *MCR documents

crm-object-type=AIC_OB_CMCD for charm normal change, charm urgent change, etc...

Object action crm-object-action defines if you are in Edit or Display mode when you open the ticket.

You might want to change to object type for different documents (incidents or change documents) and the object action defines if you are in Edit or Display mode when you open the ticket.

Charm document example:

Please see SCN doc from raquel.pereiradacunha:

Note: Form name AI_CRM_IM_FULL_DATA_FORM is giving a dump when using with processing method CRM_SRVORDER_EXEC_SF_MMR:

The following error text was processed in the system:

Function call of /1BCDWB/SF00000001 failed; the obligatory parameter FORM_NAME

Error Name
Line 425
Long text The call of the function /1BCDWB/SF00000001 failed: the required parameter FORM_NAME was not filled.



The only solution here is to copy the class CL_SDK_DOC_PROC_CRM_ORDER to Z* and to adapt the method CRM_SRVORDER_EXEC_SF_MMR, so it calls the Smart Form with the parameter FORM_NAME, see KBA 1831361 - Solution Manager - Changing status of an Incident in

See also note: 1854961 Link to incident in smart form opens with wrong language, in case of issue with the languague of e-mail the receiver receives.

5. E-mail to multiple recipients

1. Maintain the partner e-mail addresses in /nbp

2. Maintain the field Correspondence language on the address tab:

3. Choose the tab Address, section Communication. Select the yellow arrow in the field E-Mail. A screen named Maintain internet mail addresses appears.

Add a new line and enter an e-mail address. Repeat this action if needed and confirm with the green checkmark button.

When running action ZMIN_STD_MAIL, for example, two emails are sent.

Currently sending mails to multiple receivers is only available for personal BP (for example, reported by, processor), but not for organizational BP (for example, sold-to party, support team).


Note: HTML Mail forms does not support multiple recipients.

6. HTML Mail forms

Please see SCN wiki page HTML Mail forms in .

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