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After only three and a half years SAP Cloud ALM reached more than five thousand customers and partners. The newest Application Lifecycle Management tool from SAP supports Customers in Implementation and Operations of SAP Business solutions as S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Business Network and many more.

One of the most important capabilities in the Implementation is the support of Fit-2-Standard Workshops. In SAP Cloud ALM Customers can find the latest and greatest Process content, the SAP Best Practices, which they can use to conduct their F2S Workshops directly in the system.

Some Customers need adapted Process content for their implementation and there are also SAP Partners, who offer own Process content next to the SAP Best Practices. For SAP Cloud ALM we recommend using SAP Best Practice content, but also want to give Customers and Partners the opportunity to use their own Process content next to the SAP Best Practices in their Implementation Projects.

Since October 2023 we offer the import of BPMN 2.0 models from the UI and since January 2024 Customers and Partners can use the Custom Process API to upload BPMN 2.0 diagrams via API to an SAP Cloud ALM tenant.

Two easy to use options for every Customer and Partner using SAP Cloud ALM to bring BPMN Models from third party BPM Tools into SAP Cloud ALM. Let’s have a look how this works.


1. Import BPMN files from UI

In October 2023 we released a new feature in Process Authoring in SAP Cloud ALM, to import a BPMN diagram from the UI. To use this new feature, you need to create a new Custom Process in the Process Authoring or copy a Solution Process Flow or Solution Process Flow diagram from the Processes App.

In a custom solution process in Process Authoring App, select the last tab “Solution Process Flow”. In Solution Process Flow UI you find the Button “Create” and need to choose from the drop down the "Create from BPMN file”. You can also just upload a Process diagram as an SVG file if you do not want to use BPMN format.


General Information.png

Picture 1: Create a new Custom Process in Process Authoring and fill out the Title and Business Process


Import Drop Down.png

 Picture 2: Go to the tab Solution Process Flow and select "Create from BPMN file" from the drop down


Pop Up.png

 Picture 3: Select a BPMN 2.0 compliant file to import


Imported BPMN.png

 Picture 4: BPMN diagram imported to Solution Process Flow in Process Authoring


You can upload several BPMN files and add the diagrams to the Solution Process Flow. By selecting the “Edit” Button you can change the diagram with the embedded Modeller. When you publish this Custom Process, you can use it in your Implementation Project next to the SAP Best Practices. Please make sure, that you have scoped the Solution Scenario “Custom” in Manage Scopes, then you can use all your Custom Processes in your Project.


2. Import BPMN files via API

For SAP Cloud ALM we follow the strategy to support end-to-end Implementations, so Customers can use only SAP applications for their implementation projects. On the other hand, side, we want to be open and support Customers with our open APIs that they can integrate with third party solutions.

On the SAP Business Accelerators Hub, Cloud ALM offers already twelve different APIs for Customers and Partners who want to integrate third party tools or SAP tools with SAP Cloud ALM. All necessary information to use the APIs can be found on the Business Accelerator Hub and are open available to the whole SAP Community.

For Custom Processes which are maintained in the Process Authoring, we offer the Custom Process API. The API offers several options to create, get, update, delete several artefacts as Solution Process, Solution Value Flow, Solution Process Flow, Solution Process Flow diagram and more. By selecting the tab API Reference in the Business Accelerator Hub, you can find all options the API is offering you now.



Picture 5: Business Accelerator Hub: SAP Cloud ALM API Package



Picture 6: Custom Process API: Create Solution Process Flow Diagram from BPMN


More Information

Find more detailed information on the API with Test and Demo information on:
SAP Cloud ALM Process Authoring API on GitHub

More details, how to setup the APIs, please read the Blog Posts of my colleague Xavier:


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