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Product and Topic Expert

SAP Cloud Identity Services consolidated the documentation for Identity Authentication, Identity Provisioning, Identity Directory and Authorization Management. They now come under one product name, on a unified SAP Help Portal page, accessible through a single link.

The integration of Identity Provisioning functionality into the SAP Cloud Identity Services administration console, formerly known as the Identity Authentication admin console, has streamlined the process.

What’s been changed?

  • Identity Authentication product documentation has been rebranded as SAP Cloud Identity Services. With this change, SAP Cloud Identity Services now becomes the home of Identity Provisioning features for the Cloud Identity Services infrastructure, joining the already existing Identity Directory and Authorization Management.
  • The product documentation for Identity Provisioning has been rebranded as Identity Provisioning Service in the Neo Environment. It will only cover features for the Neo environment until its deprecation (as previously announced).
  • You can find the release notes for Identity Authentication, Identity Provisioning, Identity Directory and Authorization Management under the single component Cloud Identity Services by following this link. If there are new features for IPS in the Neo environment, they can still be found under Identity Provisioning component for Neo at this link.

What does this mean for you?

  • Unified Access – You get all the information you need in one single guide. No more switching between product documentations. It comes as little surprise that Identity Authentication ranked among the most frequently searched and visited topics within the Identity Provisioning documentation.
  • No URL Changes – You access the Cloud Identity Services documentation from the same URL you used to access the Identity Authentication one. You access the Identity Provisioning Service in the Neo Environment documentation from the same URL you used to access the Identity Provisioning documentation.
  • Simplicity – We believe reading and navigating through the Identity Provisioning content has become easier now that we have separated and placed the documentation relevant to each specific infrastructure or environment.

Bookmarked URLs of topics relevant for Cloud Identity infrastructure will redirect you to the common documentation.

Here are some examples of what you can find where:


FeatureSAP Cloud Identity ServicesIPS in the Neo Environment

Read Provisioning Job

Resync Provisioning Job

Simulate Provisioning Jobs

Validate Provisioning Jobs

Run Provisioning Jobs via API

Only read and resync jobs are supported.


Read Provisioning Jobs

Resync Provisioning Jobs

LogsMonitor Real-Time Logs

Real-time logs are not supported.


Working with Graphical Editor 

Manage Transformations History

Graphical editor and managing transformation history are not supported.

ConnectorsLocal Identity Directory

Local Identity Directory connector is not supported.

MigrationNot applicableMigrate Identity Provisioning Bundle Tenant
  • Consistent structure - The documentation of SAP Cloud Identity Services and Identity Provisioning follow the same service guide template. You can easily identify IPS-related concepts and supported systems (connectors), operations and logs in the common documentation:










We believe the newly released documentation will be easy to navigate, familiar, and consistent for you. If anything appears unclear, please do reach out. In the never-ending quest for quality, there is always room for improvement.