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Artificial Intelligence is the new Electricity!

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere! Just as electricity revolutionized lives 100 years ago, today AI is completely changing our lives. Companies are investing millions in intelligent systems for situation assessment, prediction analysis, learning-based recognition, conversational interfaces, and recommendation engines. Among these intelligent systems, conversational interfaces have become essential in allowing businesses to communicate with customers 24/7. For example, having a Chatbot in place, business becomes far more interactive, natural, and convenient for consumers which, in turn, can improve customer satisfaction.

In order to empower the Intelligent Enterprise, SAP Conversational AI provides all the tools necessary to create chatbots and conversational applications by providing an end-to-end Bot Building Platform covering different stages of development such as Training | Build | Connect | Monitor.

Customer Background

Hewett Packard Enterprise's vision is to leverage SAP Intelligent Technologies and leverage the SAP Industry Cloud application capabilities for the Hi-Tech industry to improve their customer experience, gain efficiency, and deliver next-generation business outcomes by following three principles:

  1. Sustainable Foundation for Business Execution – SAP Business Technology Platform. Best-in-class implementation of business processes on a stable, resilient, and scalable platform by keeping the core clean.

  2. Insight- to-Action driven applications – SAP Conversational AI. Create Chatbots for context awareness, real-time detection, and predictive insights to make informed and quick decisions.

  3. Process optimization through Intelligent Technologies – SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation + Machine Learning + SAP Process Automation. Digital assistance, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation eliminate more than half of manual tasks.

The goal of the project is to empower HPE’s Partners/Resellers by retrieving time-critical order details from their transactional systems. The chatbot was designed, developed, and deployed within 4 weeks. The SAP Conversational AI's initiative started with a few immediate value-driven discussions to :

  • Capture time critical order information based on the events from SAP S/4HANA

  • Providing real-time order status

  • Quickly display packing list for orders

  • Serial number of the ordered item

  • Shipment & delivery information

  • Export order information

The chatbot links complex skills, advanced memory management, and tactically utilizes the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to provide focused conversations and helps:

  • Retrieving search results through fuzzy search capabilities

  • Subscribing and unsubscribing to receive alerts for status changes to an order

  • Emailing detailed reports for both search results and a single order

  • Providing cross-platform support – Browser or Mobile devices


The core of the chatbot is equipped with built-In intelligence and embedded machine learning. Resiliency is born from the fact that it is driven by intents and entities, which result in more natural and interactive conversations leading to a greater user experience. The outcome: greater customer satisfaction to drive a greater adoption rate.

Agile Collaboration

  • Adopted design thinking to blueprint one-bot to many-channels

  • Remote collaboration to build a holistic solution

  • Crowdsource expressions to derive meaningful interactions with robust intents

  • Discovery of necessary entities to enrich the conversation

  • Sample dialogues of human-to-human interactions to inform conversation workflows

BTP Extensions:

  • The chatbot is personalized with Built-In Intelligence and Advanced Memory Management through Handlebars concepts

  • Custom scripting to display the necessary information predicted by the information the chatbot retrieves

  • Economize screen real estate especially when interacting with SAP Conversational AI through mobile devices

SAP MaxAttention Engagement:

  • SAP MaxAttention is the trusted partner by HPE in their continuous innovation journey

  • The team from SAP MaxAttention and HPE used fact-based Industry exploration methodology with SAP MaxAttention services to enable and empower the customer

  • Understood the key requirements for HPE’s use cases with the industry best practices and supported the build of the pilot for production roll-out.

  • A successful pilot was delivered in under 4 weeks and supported scaling and industrializing of the industry-specific use-case and driving Innovation in their business processes.

Business Value:

The conversational chatbot illustrates the following values of the SAP Conversational AI platform with one bot that is successfully deployed to multiple channels. Please check out the customer’s video testimonial below.

  • Lower operating and maintenance cost

  • Faster ROI as a single bot that is flexible to work with different channels like MS Teams

  • Advanced skills and extensions to handle complex conversation scenarios lead to intelligent interactions.

  • Flexible bot constructed to minimize development overhead, maximize the SAP CAI platform, and strategically leverage SAP Business Technology Platform to make it the best-in-breed for chatbots.


Key Team Members

HPE Representative: Arun Navaneethan (Sr. Director, Global IT)

SAP Contacts:  kiran.kolarohit_dwivedi Balaji Gaddam, Thomas Walther

SAP Communications: Maria Jenkinson, Mirna Chaanine

Customer Video Testimonial: