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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This is a submission of the Enhance your bot building with templates blog post series. In this blog post, I will show you how to automate a process on writing data into an excel file.

Steps to follow:

1.Create a project

2.Include the Excel Script Library

3. Add Activities and functions from ‘Excel Lib’ category

4.Set the data that has to be written to the Excel.

5. Save the excel.

Pre-requisites: Desktop Studio : MS Office


1. Create a project and a workflow.

Create a new project. Create a new workflow using Workflow perspective.

2. Include the Excel Library for the project.

3. Add the activities from the Excel Lib.

As the first step in the workflow, include the Activity Initialize Excel to initialize  Excel Library.

4. Create a new excel file.

Use the activity Create Excel file to create a new excel file. If you want to write data into an existing excel file use the activity Open Existing Excel file. In this blog, I am creating a new excel file.

5. Activate your worksheet to write data into excel.

6. Prepare Excel  data

Create an activity Custom to write the below code. Custom activity is used to add manual code. The excel data should be in an array format. Create an item with an array in the Context. Click on the checkbox, to make the item as an array.

Prepare your Excel data in an array format as below.
        rootData.aExcelData[0] = ['Account ID','Opportunity ID','Status'];
rootData.aExcelData[1] = ['4892737','1223','Open'];
rootData.aExcelData[2] = ['4358635','987','Closed'];
rootData.aExcelData[3] = ['68989','8999','In Process'];


6.Set the data into excel.

Use activity Set Values to write the values to the excel. Enter the parameters as below. Excel has a starting column as A and starting row as 1. The data that has to be written to the excel is bound to the field Data.

7. Save the excel

Use the activity  Save as Excel to save the new excel file. Enter the location and name of the excel file to be saved.


8.Close the Excel File

Use the activity Close Excel File to close the existing excel file.

9.End Excel file

Use the activity End Excel in order to close the Excel Library once you are done using it in your project

10. Final workflow looks as below


The file is saved in the mentioned location with the output as below.


This blog post should help you to understand the use of the ‘Excel Library’ and how to write data into excel.