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If there's one thing I've picked up from a decade at SAP, it's this: Staying ahead means staying updated.

If you're an SAP enthusiast and haven't yet tapped into the vast amount of features SAP BTP has to offer, you could be missing out on something that's quickly becoming indispensable.

Given the recent updates to the SAP BTP Trial with a bunch of new services and the new horizon theme, the pressing question is:
💡 How can you easily and quickly dive into the world of SAP BTP and gain hands-on experiences?

As one of the Product Managers for SAP BTP trial & free tier model for SAP BTP, I want to share this article as a definitive guide to navigating SAP BTP's trial offerings, ensuring you derive maximum value from your explorative journey.

Starting from Zero: Which Try-Out models does SAP BTP offer?

The graphic below provides a clear overview of the BTP Try-Out portfolio. There are three primary paths to try SAP BTP for free: Demo, Trial, and Free Tier. Let's unpack it:

Overview of the BTP Try-Out Portfolio

Path #1: Demos

Interested in short videos that showcase product features?

See our product demos directly on or check out the BTP Onboarding Series of the HANA Academy YouTube Playlist.

Another type of demo is the Product Tour. They are click-through prototypes that require no deep technical understanding and are great to get a first impression of SAP BTP’s use cases and set up.

Path #2: Trial Offerings

Perfect for those who want a hands-on experience.

Engage in a pre-configured business experience, or secure your sandbox for tailored exploration.
Here are the two offerings:

    • Guided Experiences are pre-configured shared systems that simulate the business user experience.
      The user can explore the product features and processes with the help of guided tours, wizards, and sample data.

    • SAP BTP Trial is a time-limited sandbox account. The access to this playground environment is open to everyone.
      Tailored specifically for technical individuals, the BTP Trial is curated to allow a comprehensive, hands-on experience — all from the ground up without any financial constraints.
      Given the recent additions, including services like SAP BUILD Apps, the SAP BTP Trial is the primary choice for both individuals and trainings.

Path #3: Free Tier model for SAP BTP

This is more than just a trial.

If you are working for a company with an existing Pay-as-You-Go for SAP BTP or Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) account you can access our free tier model for BTP.

This is a productive account tailored for both customers and partners. It facilitates seamless transitions from free to paid plans as per the user's evolving needs. For a detailed understanding of the services that fall under the Free Tier model, refer to the SAP Discovery Center.

Understanding the nuances between the SAP free tier model for SAP BTP and the SAP BTP Trial is crucial for the optimal utilization.

Here is a concise 2-minute video that encapsulates the essentials:

Bonus: Still not sure what model is right for you? This form in the section can help you figure it out in just under 60 seconds (Section: "Let’s get you to the right SAP BTP offering").


  • Recent updates have made the BTP Trial model the preferred choice for individuals and training purposes.

  • Guided Experiences offer simulated business user experiences, while Demos provide click-through prototypes and videos for an introductory taste.

  • Free tier caters to Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP and CPEA customers, which offers free service in a live environment that can be upgraded to paid plans.

  • Bonus: Determine the ideal solution for your needs at and try out SAP BTP!

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