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Hi Folks,

there is a new SCN Section which tells you

1. how to solve a log full situation.
Please keep in mind that a log full situation will never be solved with an Add of a new log volume :!: !

Log full situations can only be solved creating a MaxDB log backup. Details and how to prevent Log full situations can be found in the following section.

Please keep in mind that a precondition for a sucessful Log backup is a data backup done before with DatabaseStudio or DBMCLI. (Save data). If such a backup is missing in the backup history neither save log nor autosave log will solve the situation.Then a save data has to be executed first.

2. Data area full ( DB FULL)
can be easily solved by adding a new Data Volume using DBMCLI or DatabaseStudio which is possible in online mode. You don't need to stop the database to add a new volume. Details can be found in the folowing link.

Please keep in mind that the Add volume does not check if there is enough free space in the file system for the new data volume. Please check it before the ADD command is executed.

What should you do if even when everything seems to be fine the ADD volume failed:

If you got problems during ADD Data Volume (if it failed e.g. because of file system full)  please never change manually the parameter file by dropping data volume parameters from the parameter file.

Depending on when the add data volume failed the new volume configuration is already part of volume sequence on the data volumes.

If you need help to get out of this situation please do nothing than open an SAP ticket ( for SAP customers) or post your problem here.

Hope these sections will prevent such stand still situations in the future.

Regards, Christiane