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Hi readers,

this "how-to" post is about setting up the Gateway services for the consumption in the SAP TM collaboration portal.

Whenever you log in into the portal and there is the error message

or "Missing authorization; contact your system administrator", this is an indicator that the Gateway services are not set up in a correct way.

To check this, open up the system on which the Gateway software component SAP_GWFND is installed. Depending on the deployment option, you have chosen, this can either be the SAP TM back end or a separate Gateway hub system.

Start transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE. Either some Gateway services are completely missing or there is no system alias available in the lower right corner:

The administrator's guide provides the following information:

"The following table shows the relevant OData services for the SAP Transportation Management collaboration portal (SAP TM collaboration portal):

WorksetTechnical Service Name
Freight Order Management – Freight Requests for Quotation and Freight Order Management – Freight Quotations/SCMTMS/TENDERING
Freight Order Management – Freight Orders for Execution/SCMTMS/EVENT_NOT
Freight Settlement – Freight Orders for Self-Billing/SCMTMS/INVOICING
Freight Settlement – Freight Orders for Invoice Submission and Freight Settlement – Invoices/SCMTMS/INVOICE_SUBMISSION
Freight Agreement Management /SCMTMS/FRT_PROCUREMENT

As previously described, you can disable specific worksets for a given user. If you do not want to use a workset at all, you can disable that workset by not activating the Gateway service above. All Gateway services without a workset always have to be activated as they cover basic functionality.

If you want to use the map, you must activate the gateway service VBI_APPL_DEF_SRV.


In hub deployment, when you configure the gateway services /UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_PERS and VBI_APPL_DEF_SRV, you must specify the system in which the component SAPTMUI is installed."

All of the services, which you need from the table above, need to be active in transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE and need to have a system alias available.

Missing system alias

The Gateway service is available in the "Service Catalog" table, but on the lower right, there is no system alias.

1. Click add system alias

2. Add a new entry

3. Enter the service document identifier

Gateway ServiceService Document Identifier

4. Enter the SAP system alias: In local Gateway deployment, it should be LOCAL, in hub deployment it is the system alias to your SAP TM system.

5. Save

6. Return to the main screen

Gateway service completely missing

The Gateway service is not in the table "Service Catalog".

1. Click on "Add Service"

2. Enter your system alias and press enter.


In hub deployment, when you configure the gateway services /UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_PERS and VBI_APPL_DEF_SRV, you must specify the system in which the component SAPTMUI is installed.

3. Click on the service that you want to activate.

4. Click on "local object" to store the service activation locally and click "Continue".

5. Confirm all popups and return to the main screen or repeat the steps for any other Gateway service.

Please let me know your opinion.