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During uncertain times, strong customer relationships are the lifeblood of any organization. As a result, a positive customer experience is crucial.

Unfortunately, most customer experience teams lack the insights needed to provide a best-in-class experience for their customers. Worse still, CX departments are persistently siloed, leading to sub-optimal company-wide decision making driven by presumptions instead of facts. Luckily, this doesn't have to be the case for you.

Enterprise Analytics for SAP Customer Experience Solutions

Imagine a world where you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers by analyzing customer data from multiple sources in real-time. In this world, you can break down silos between departments for a holistic view of how your business is performing to improve your team's processes and plans. Then, you can create predictive models to gauge customer needs before they're even realized.

By integrating the Enterprise edition of SAP Analytics Cloud with your SAP CX solutions, this world can be yours.

Read all about what enterprise analytics can do for your organization by exploring our Ultimate Guid...


Meet Colin: A Customer Experience Manager and SAP CX Fanatic

Colin is a seasoned Customer Experience Manager at Best Run Bikes. On weekends, he enjoys indoor rock climbing and going for drinks with friends. At work, on the other hand, Colin leads a team of CX associates in supporting Best Run Bikes by engaging and building relationships with customers.

To succeed in his role and propel his team forward, Colin has several KPIs to hit, including customer acquisition, retention, and sales revenue. However, he has encountered a number of challenges when working to achieve his goals, including:

  • Compiling data across departments and systems: To make decisions for his team, Colin relies on data spanning marketing, service, finance, and more - but he only has access to his own department's numbers. Furthermore, Best Run Bikes has fragmented data spread across several systems with no standardized approach to merging or summarizing the data. As a result, there are countless data siloes, leading to duplications of effort and inaccurate insights.

  • Understanding customers deeply: Given the nature of Colin's role, it's crucial that he and his team are able to understand their customer base deeply to craft a customer journey that is enjoyable and tailored to their customers' needs.

  • Keeping up with changing demands: While understanding customer behavior based on past and present data is important, to exceed his business KPIs, Colin needs to be able to predict future needs and plan accordingly.


Overcome Challenges and Exceed KPIs with SAP Analytics Cloud

Colin has experienced our embedded analytics capabilities through his present-day SAP CX solution. To address his current challenges, however, Colin has decided to take his CX analytics to the next level by upgrading to the Enterprise edition of SAP Analytics Cloud, enabling him to apply advanced analytics capabilities and smart features to data across the entire organization.

Curious about how Colin navigates a typical day at work after this upgrade? Keep reading to find out!


Remove Silos and Consolidate Data into a Single Source of Truth

To overcome his first problem, Colin brings Best Run Bikes' data from across several departments and systems into one single source of truth. As a result, he performs cross-departmental analyses, combining data collected by his colleagues from HR to Spend to analyze growth drivers, challenges, and opportunities.

Convert Data to Insights with Advanced Analytics

With enterprise analytics, Colin unlocks augmented analytics capabilities to automatically receive strategic insights about Best Run Bikes' customers using SAP Analytics Cloud's embedded machine learning technology. This helps Colin go from insight to action in a fraction of the time and unveil the true story behind what drives customers. Cool, right?

Colin is an avid user of the augmented analytics features, Smart Insights and Search to Insight. Using Search to Insight, Colin asks SAP Analytics Cloud analytical questions like "what are the key influencers that caused a customer to leave or churn?" using natural language. In response, Colin is greeted with automated visualizations and analytical insights summarized in a way that's simple and easy to understand.

Then, using Smart Insights, Colin quickly and effortlessly identifies the top contributors informing specific values in question. For example, Colin leverages Smart Insights when looking at customers who are Active and Churned to surface insights on the top influencers contributing to these respective customer statuses.

Forecast Sales and Customer Behavior to Inform Better Business Decisions

By creating predictive models with SAP Analytics Cloud's planning capabilities, Colin determines the probability of customer behavior based on historical trends. This helps Colin anticipate churn, buying propensity, and purchase preferences to craft a customer journey that sets Best Run Bikes miles ahead of the competition. As a result, Colin and his team can turn customers into advocates and reduce attrition with holistic insight-driven engagement across all customer touchpoints.

Colin also predicts future sales growth and cost patterns to build collaborative plans that optimize sales, service, and marketing resources. For example, Best Run Bikes is contemplating adding a fifth bicycle model to its roster of products. Furthermore, given the company's spike in popularity across Europe this year, Best Run Bikes is also expanding its operations.

By filtering his sales story to focus on Europe and simply inserting the information pertaining to the new bicycle model to the story, Colin looks at how the forecasted units sold compare to the prior forecast without the latest addition to the product line to understand the impact that these changes have on gross sales and total revenue.

From here, he can interact with dynamic reports filled with stunning visualizations, drilling down to understand Best Run Bikes' data at a granular level to inform better, more accurate business decisions.


By leveraging enterprise analytics with his SAP Customer Experience solutions, Colin has overcome all his challenges and is exceeding his KPIs. Furthermore, Best Run Bikes' customer experience has soared to new heights and the path has been paved for future success - all thanks to SAP Analytics Cloud!

But don't take his word for it... See what SAP Analytics Cloud can do for your workflow and start your free trial today.