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SAP Analytics Cloud is one simple cloud solution that combines business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics. In this blog we will talk about how you can start with simple steps and go about exploring all planning features that SAP Analytics Cloud has to offer.

Haven’t signed up for your free trial yet? You can do so right here. After you sign up and get the tenant of your own to explore it for 90 days, an obvious question is: what to do next?

How to get started with planning features in SAP Analytics Cloud

The first thing you can do is try creating a planning model from any Excel or flat file.

SAP Analytics Cloud is intelligent enough to automatically detect the dimensions and offer you the proposal for the planning model, so you can start with a sample csv file and follow the steps to create the model as listed here. This will guide you in creating a story after you set up a model and input the plan data.

Once you have familiarity with the way a planning model can be automatically created from a file, you can try it out with your own Excel file instead of the sample file by following the same steps.

Exploring the planning features of SAP Analytics Cloud

Now you are ready for the next level to go deep into the planning features!

Here is a detailed guide that will allow you to explore the planning features of SAP Analytics Cloud. This guide will cover how to:

  • Implement some advanced modelling features

  • Create your what-if scenarios

  • Design private versions

  • Build a value driver tree

  • Data actions

  • Advanced allocation steps

  • Generate rolling forecasts and predictive forecasts

Once you complete all the steps in the guide, you can revisit some features and venture beyond to explore it even further. If you have your business scenario that you would like to try it out in the tenant, you are now well equipped to do so.

You’re also in a good position to take advantage of the sample planning content that your free trial has to offer.

To do this, simply navigate to Browse-Files and type, “SAC Planning” in the search window as shown below and that will take you to the SAP Analytics Cloud for planning sample content. When you click on SAP Analytics Cloud planning models, it can show you the two planning models that came with the sample content, as shown below.

The SAP Analytics Cloud planning-demos folder contains a sample story based on the two sample models. You can either use the sample content as it is to explore even more planning features, make changes to it as you deem fit.

Else if you want to keep  the sample content as it is so that you can refer to it at any time, you can copy the models and story to create your own models and stories that you can freely edit to try out planning functionality.

If you need guidance, help, or instruction to proceed at any time, you can keep this SAP Analytics Cloud for planning handbook ready to refer to. This handbook has very useful links to help, demos, webinar recordings and a wealth of information.

Streamline end-to-end workflows with a single software solution for business intelligence and planning. Start your free, 90-day trial now to kick start your digital transformation and make faster, more confident decisions for your business.