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In this blog post I am going to discuss about Licenses and How we can check Licenses information from our SAC Tenant. A license enables a user to access a particular set of functions.Depending on what was purchased for your SAP Analytics Cloud system, different licenses may be offered. On SAP Analytics Cloud, for instance, a user with a Business Intelligence license would be able to generate stories but not have access to any planning features.

Understand Licenses, Roles, and Permissions | SAP Help Portal

A license is required for each user. The kind of licenses that a new user will use depend on the responsibilities that are given to them when they are formed. After users are created, an administrator can change both their license assignment and their role assignment. Licenses for any add-ons that have been acquired, such as the SAP Analytics Hub or the SAP Digital Boardroom, cannot be allocated to more than one user at a time. For instance, a user with a license for business intelligence might also be given access to the SAP Analytics Hub.


Licenses might be concurrent or named. Each system user is given a single license under named licensing. A certain number of licenses are readily available on the system with concurrent licensing. Only when they are logged in to the system are concurrent users automatically given a license. If a license is not in use, it is released, and more users than the number of concurrent licenses purchased may be added to the system. Users may be prevented from logging on if the number of concurrent licenses available exceeds the number of users attempting to get onto the system.

Only licenses for business intelligence can be used  as Concurrent.



Each license can be consumed on its own:



  • Only the “Business Intelligence” license offers the concurrent session licenses


Available license types for SAP Analytics Cloud:


  • Business Intelligence - 

An SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence license can be purchased as a User License.

User License ensures that the assigned user can always access the application, regardless of how many other users are logged on. We recommend that administrators be given user Licenses.


SAP Analytics Hub has been delisted and is being discontinued.

  • New customers cannot purchase it and existing customers can no longer renew their contracts.


SAP Analytics Cloud Concurrent Session (CS) has been removed from the price list.

  • Existing customers can still renew, but new customers cannot purchase. We only sell Named Users (NU).


  • Planning Standard -

This License provide all planning features. When planning licenses are removed from a customer account, planning content created from those licenses will be restricted for other end users, even those with administrator roles:

BI users will not be able to see the content. This can cause confusion when trying to delete an apparently empty folder. The message “The selected resources do not exist, or you do not have permission to delete them” is displayed.

For planning models, BI users will not be able to move or delete the content. The delete button will be disabled.

    If this happens, the account owner can still see, and delete and move content files. We suggest that a tenant owner performs these tasks.

    The following table describe the features available for each license type when you use a planning model.

    Features by License Type for Planning Models | SAP Help Portal


    • Planning Professional -

    Planning Professional license = Business Intelligence license + Planning features.

    All the capabilities of the Business Intelligence license are included within the Planning Professional license.


    • Digital Boardroom  - 

     Digital boardroom include - (Boardroom Creator, Boardroom Viewer).


    To Check the License information from SAC -


    1. Access to the tenant.


     Browse to system and select Monitor.


    1. Go to System select Monitor.


    Once selected Monitor an Overview page appears where you get Current License Usage.



    From this blog you can learn about types of Licenses in SAC. You can find some more information about different types of Licenses in SAC. This blog also provide you steps how you can know about Current License usage in SAC.

    For more information regarding Licenses you can follow this doc-

    Understand Licenses, Roles, and Permissions | SAP Help Portal


    Features by License Type for Analytic Models -

    Features by License Type for Analytic Models | SAP Help Portal


    Features by License Type for Planning Models -

    Features by License Type for Planning Models | SAP Help Portal


    Thanks for Reading!