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This blog post is based on a webinar presented by Katryn Cheng – SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP Analytics Cloud: Best of Both Worlds”

This blog post will cover:

  • The difference between SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Provide examples of how customers leverage both products to enhance and extend their analytical capabilities

For a comprehensive presentation on these topics, watch this webinar.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI?

Because SAP Analytics Cloud is a true SaaS solution, we can innovate and release new features faster. Enhancements to SAP Analytics Cloud are released every quarter.

Although modern analytical capabilities deliver powerful and confident insights, here at SAP, we understand that many customers still rely on SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite for machine critical BI by leveraging the semantic layer for governed data. We understand that some companies are not ready to fully transition to the cloud – which is why we invest in our hybrid integration, to help SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite work cohesively. SAP BusinessObjects 4.3 was released this July with the first package being released this quarter. Learn more about BusinessObjects 4.3 by reading this blog and by visiting 6:00 of the webinar.


What Is The Difference Between SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite?

Use cases covered by our SAP Analytics portfolio include Business Intelligence, Planning, and Augmented Analytics. On the far left, we have our core Business Intelligence features: High Volume Publications, Operational Reporting, Ad Hoc Reporting, and MS Office Integration. You can see how the different solutions stack up against these use cases. SAP Analytics Cloud covers a wide range of these use cases but SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite still delivers on the core Business Intelligence requirements to the left.

Our goal with SAP Analytics Cloud is to support all on-premise use cases in the cloud. In the future, you will see more on-premise use cases supported through the cloud.

In the image below, you can see the capabilities used to support these use cases. To learn more about these capabilities, visit 9:45 of the webinar.


Customers Leveraging Both SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite:

Lincoln Sentry: Australia’s leading trade distributer of products to the building, renovation, furniture making and shop fitting markets.

  • The Challenge: They experienced data silos and loss of productivity with their current analytic capabilities.

  • Solution: They decided to integrate SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite.

  • Watch this video to learn more about how they tackled their challenges.

  • Today, Lincoln Sentry leverages SAP Analytics Cloud for their modern self-service analytics by giving their users the agility they need to get the information they want. Their users also have better trust as they’re accessing their data from the same source while enhancing their understanding of their customers. Learn more about Lincoln Sentry’s strategy by visiting 12:50 of the webinar.

Sulzer: A full-service IT provider in Germany

  • Chose to extend and enhance their SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite solution with the addition of SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • When SAP Analytics Cloud was in place, they saw that business users began leveraging the self-service and smart predict features by creating strong predictive models all while pulling governed data from their on-premise BusinessObjects Universe.

  • They chose to keep all their governed data on-premise while allowing users to access data live from SAP Analytics Cloud using a feature called BI Universe Live Data connect.

  • They also leveraged the Analytics Designer tool to create custom Analytic Applications.

  • Read more about how Sulzer embraced a hybrid strategy by visiting this resource page.


SAP Analytics Cloud Offers One Seamless User Experience: 

There’s a user experience for each of the analytic capabilities in the image above. These user experiences include:

  • Stories: Used to display BI content and are mostly used by business users. Using Stories, you can display your data through reports or dashboards.

  • Digital Boardroom: A modern analytical experience. This comprises of large touchscreen monitors that displays data and allows users to interact with that data using the touchscreens.

  • Analytic Applications: Allows you to create custom applications by leverage the Business Intelligence, Augmented Analytics, and Enterprise Planning capabilities.

  • MS Office Integration: Allows you to leverage the Business Intelligence and Planning features.

  • Learn more about the user experience by visiting 19:50 of the webinar.


The 3 Steps To Analyzing Data:

Visit 23:00 of the webinar to learn more about the traditional steps to analyzing data.

With the new experience in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can bypass IT to explore datasets and understand initial patterns of the data before creating content. You can then leverage augmented analytics in all workflows - saving time by running machine learning algorithms on the data. Analysts can then pair the predicted insights with their business acumen, for deeper understanding and confident decision-making.


SAP Analytics Cloud Demonstration: 

For a detailed demonstration on how to use SAP Analytics Cloud, visit 25:50 of the webinar.

Through this demonstration, learn how to navigate SAP Analytics Cloud, how to create a story, and discover how you can leverage Smart Features such as Search to Insight and Predictive to get insights faster.

At SAP, we know not everyone is ready to transition to the cloud. Therefore, we invest heavily in our hybrid enablers. Learn more about our Hybrid enablers by visiting 45:00 of the webinar. For more information about hybrid solutions and extending to the cloud at your own pace, visit this resource page.


For a comprehensive presentation of all the topics discussed here, please watch this webinar.

Register here for upcoming sessions to learn more about the integration of SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite.