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SAP delivers 1 Desktop Template, 4 IPad Templateand 2 IPhone Template.

In this blog I will explain how can we create custom template and make them available on application creation.


Administrator access in the client Machine.

1. Create an Application which can serve as a template.

2. Goto the path where (SAP Delivered) templates are stored.

3. Copy the Application from repository to the Template Directory.

4. Create your custom info file.

     a. Create a text document with the following information:



 = Desktop Template 2

                description = Desktop template with Tab strip, Text header, Crosstab and chart

     b. Save the file with extension .info (

5. Create your custom image to be displayed in the Template list screen.

6. Custom template will now be visible in the New Application dialog.

7. Follow the same process to create templates for IPad or I Phone as well.


This will work for both netweaver and BIP platform as well.


1. This is a tweak to create custom templates and not an SAP recommended process.

2. Issues arising on creation or usage of Custom template will not be supported by SAP.

3. The mentioned process is based on 1.1 SP2. This should work with earlier versions as well. But, I haven't tried it.

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