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What is IFTTT? IF THIS THEN THAT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statements. With many supported IFTTT channels user can define a trigger and action without even writing single line of code. Since currently SAP Jam is not an IFTTT channel, there are no straight forward way to use this revolution service.

However there is a work around in SAP Jam since it allows user to post feed through email. User can actually use the email as a target IFTTT channel to post relevant information to SAP Jam. Please see the following on how to setup SAP Jam as a channel.

Sample Use Cases :

  • When SAP Stock rises above $80 post in SAP Jam.
  • Post today's weather forecast in SAP Jam.
  • Check in to an "Office" on Foursquare and share it in SAP Jam.
  • When shared a link on Linkedin then share on SAP Jam.
  • Any Intagram photo tagged with "SAP" share on SAP Jam.
  • Post Flickr photo on SAP Jam.
  • Text a number and post on SAP Jam

You can also use your creativity to create recipe that mash up all available channels in IFTTT with SAP Jam without single line of coding. Please share your recipe in the comment below so everybody can benefit.

Steps to Setup :

1. After you login to SAP Jam, Click on your name and select Account.

2. You should then see the email address which you can use to update your feed.

3. Goto IFTTT and setup a trigger. For this example I will use weather.

4. Choose the Gmail Action since this is the only option to send out email

5. Type in the email address you get in step 2

6. Click on the "Create Action" Button then you are all set.