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Seems like yesterday - but SAPPPHIRE Now Madrid already finished a week ago. I head the pleasure to talk to a lot of customers on the topic of how SAP can help them to get more productive and outpace their competition with mobile solutions 100% tailored to their specific business needs. In the next days I’ll publish some of the customer stories featured at SAPPHIRENOW showcasing what can be achieved with innovative mobile solutions designed and developed to match our customers individual business processes. Today, I start to talk about a project our SAP Custom Development team did for Swiss based Straumann Group

Founded in 1954 by Dr. Ing. Reinhard Straumann, the Straumann Group today is a global leader in implant,restorative and regenerative dentistry with over 2 400 employees worldwide. They offer products and services to dental professionals and dental laboratories in 70 countries around the world. In the session “Create Sales Heroes with Mobile Apps - Replay from SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid ), Marcus Jakobi, CIO Straumann Group explains how his team managed to automate sales processes, increase productivity and enhance customer service helping Straumann’s salesforce to have all customer related info they need at hand.

According to Mr. Jakobi, Straumann was looking for a CRM Mobile sales solution which is easy to use and provides offline capabilities allowing their sales force to access customer date anytime and anywhere. They expect the solution to significantly drive user adoption for their SAP CRM solution and provide immediate availability of customer related data, e.g. visit notes. So far the sales reps entered all data related to their customer visits once a week. The following slide shown by Mr. Jakobi summarizes their motivation for this project:

Straumann realized the project supported by two strategic partners. For  mobile application development  they chose SAP Custom Development to ensure the solution fits exactly to Straumann’s structured sales process. As external project partner they engaged ecenta. According to Mr. Jakobi, SAP Custom Development and ecenta showed good collaboration and together with Straumann IT the solution was developed and implemented in 9 months. Today, 450 Sales reps at Straumann are using the solution on a day-by-day base. The following picture provides an overview on the initial project scope:


One of the highlights of the sessions is a live demo of the iPhone application starting (fast forward to 11:00 in the Replay from SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid ). Mr. Jakobi closes his session with some remarkable statements on the ROI for this investment: “This was one of the projects which paid 100% back”. Typically the sales force spends 65% of their time on non-customer facing, administrative tasks. According to Mr. Jakobi Straumann had been able to reduce the time their salesforce spends with data capturing in CRM by 50-70% ! Here a slide summarizing  the end-user feedback:

All-in-all pretty amazing story. Want to know more about the project and how SAP Custom Development helps customers design and develop mobile solutions fitting exactly to their individual business needs and giving them the competitive advantage they need in these challenging economic times ? Contact me at Please also take a ook a look at the short 2-min SAPPHIRENOW video where I explain the engagement model and show another innovative solution developed by the SAP Custom Development team.

Stay tuned – more customer stories to come !