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I am doing some testing on our Fiori test system ( gateway system UXT and backend system ER9 ).

There is some tile which draws my attention.

When I click "Create Material" tile, instead of navigation into the target application within the same tab in Chrome, for this tile, a new tab is opened to display the target application.
The url of target application has a parameter sap-ui-tech-hint=GUI

And when I compare its layout with SAP GUI transaction MM01:

I find the two layouts have exactly the same fields with the same order:

When I try to debug this "UI5" application with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P, I found it is impossible to switch to debug mode: the checkbox could not be clicked.

All the observations so far give me a hint that this is not a pure UI5 application, but just a wrapper of SAP old GUI transaction MM01. How is this wrapper implemented?

When I click this tile, I record down the Fiori catalog id: SAP_CMD_BC_PR_MAINT

And I found this catalog in Launchpad designer, from here I know that this catalog provides a navigation target with type transaction and thus only available in Desktop usage.

The parameter sap-ui-tech-hint=GUI I see in Chrome is configured here:

And transaction code MM01 is configured here:

In the runtime, this parameter will be evaluated by UI5 to determine the right technology to render navigation target:

For normal UI5 application, its source code could be found from gateway system UXT, and for this wrapped transaction MM01, its rendering is done by SAP WebGUI, as displayed below.

MM01, sap-ui-tech-hint, webGUI, ITS, embed