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Feedback was an invaluable part of the development process of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. SAP worked closely with customers to understand their pain points, gather their feedback, and ultimately help them reach their goals. Now, the collaboration process continues thanks to the instant feedback from implementing Qualtrics.


Products can’t be designed in a vacuum. That belief was at the core of the creation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Even in the earliest stages in the development cycle, customer feedback helped shape this end-to-end data and decision-making solution. Through close collaboration, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud continuously evolved to better bring people and information technology together.

“Right from the start, SAP encouraged us to give feedback and share our thoughts. That’s not too unusual when testing out a new product. What was special in this case, is that SAP truly used our feedback every step of the way.”

— Julia Merscheid, Associate, Data and Analytics at PWC

That invaluable feedback was only the beginning of the customer collaboration process for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

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Continued Feedback Through Qualtrics

For SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, making the most of experience data was a top priority. Operational data (think daily average users, revenue, and so on) tells you what’s happening. Experience data, however, reveals why something is happening. This is deep experience data based on our users’ needs and desires.

With this data, SAP provides exactly what users are looking for. That’s why SAP Data Warehouse Cloud implemented Qualtrics. The powerful experience management capabilities provided by Qualtrics ensures that all customers are being heard. With this experience data, immediate action can be taken.

The feedback collected through Qualtrics is ongoing and constant. It allows for continuous improvement based on the needs and desires of all users. Insights into the UX, product functions, user assistance, and more can all be gained. This can be drilled down to a micro level to get deeper insights into what’s working for users — and what can be improved.

Of course, listening is just the first step. The important thing is to learn from what was heard. That’s why the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud team is committed to acting on what users say. Through workshops, regular feedback sessions with customers and partners, a form within SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and a post-trial survey, this feedback can be put into action.


Making Onboarding Easy

Building a powerful solution is important, but so is the onboarding and enablement process. Customer feedback helped make SAP Data Warehouse Cloud intuitive and easy to use, but the importance of onboarding was never overlooked. Based on what was heard from customers, some of these materials created include:

“Products these days need to be rolled out across organizations. There needs to be adoption for a strategy to be successful. This is something SAP understands. There is a lot of onboarding and enablement material being created, such as a community for DWC peers to come together and connect with each other and DWC experts. This will really help when it comes to driving adoption of this product internally.”

— Andreas Madsen, Senior Data & Analytics Partner at Velux

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