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Today SAP EarlyWatch Alert Solution Finder publish the new feature Snooze Alert. Together with the Hide Alert feature published in February, it makes the user story complete and helps SAP customers to manage alerts in Solution Finder app in SAP for Me.

Note: As prerequisite, you need the SAP for Me authorization "Manage Alert(s) in SAP EarlyWatch Alert for all S-users" which is assigned by your company's user administrator.

How it works

Let us say you are responsible for the SAP HANA database topics in your company, and you have received alerts on the memory consumption for 3 of your systems. However, you have planned to up-size the systems anyway in 2 months from now. With the new feature you can snooze the alert for 2 months until the new hardware is in place.

Open Solution Finder for SAP EarlyWatch Alert and click on the Alerts tab(1). Find the alert in the list and filter for all systems for which you want to snooze the alert. Click on the stopwatch icon(2).


In the pop-up pick a date when you think the alert is relevant again and give a reason why you snooze the alert with the help of the drop down list. In our example the reason "in implementation" is the best choice.


All changes to the alerts are visible to all S-User of your company, who have the authorization to view SAP EarlyWatch Alert data. It is a global change and no personal setting. Since other users may want to know who changed the alert and why, the app offers a log.

Click on the Snoozed tab(1) and use the button for the activity log(2):

The activity logs gives details on the change of the alert. Other S-Users from your company see your name in the log:

SAP employees who deliver SAP Support Services for you, cannot do any changes to the alerts, but they can see your changes in the app and in the activity log. However, the entry in the log is anonymized displaying only the company name for them.


Note: Suppressing alerts with the hide or snooze feature will also affect the display of alerts in SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace. Any decisive red alert which is hidden or snoozed will not be displayed on the alerts card in workspace. The re-occurrence of an alert of the same type will be suppressed for the selected systems. For decisive red alerts no notification email is triggered, when they are hidden or snoozed.

The alerts will still be visible in the Hidden and Snoozed tabs in Solution Finder and can be re-activated any time.