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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
You probably recall that SAP HANA Graph was released with HANA 1.0 SPS12 earlier this year and helps customers extract deeper insights from hyper-connected data and their relationships.

Actually I already blogged about it here.

Well HANA 2 is out and graph processing has received a significant update.

Important new capabilities have been added in the form of support for Cypher Query Language, GraphScript, and enhanced visual pattern matching.

In SPS12 pattern matching was yet to be supported in the graph node of the calculation view editor of SAP WebIDE for HANA. This has been addressed and comprehensive visual pattern matching is provided.

Cypher Query Language is the de-facto open industry standard for graph processing. SAP HANA Graph now supports a subset of Cypher (focusing on the querying aspects) - making it possible to migrate existing apps to HANA more easily or simply take advantage of existing skills. So if MATCH, WHERE and RETURN clauses are you're thing you well set! Cypher scripts can be embedded during pattern patching via the graph node of the calculation view editor in SAP Web IDE for HANA or from SQLScript.

In case scenarios where graph processing beyond the standard algorithms (neighborhood search, shortest path, strongly connected components, and pattern matching) might be is required, GraphScript has been added. GraphScript has been designed to ease the development and integration of complex graph algorithms into existing data management workflows and provide competitive execution performance for manually written and tuned graph algorithm implementations through the use of a low-level programming language.

To see these new capabilities in action and get up to speed quickly we've added hands-on tutorials to the SAP HANA  Academy.

Videos showing what's new for graph in HANA 2 are:
Pattern Matching with Cypher
GraphScript Language
Calc View Graph Node: Pattern Matching with Graphical Editor
Calc View Graph Node: Pattern Matching with Cypher

For the bigger picture, the Graph playlist covers all aspects of SAP HANA Graph from introduction and getting started to creating a graph workspace to using both the graph viewer tool, SQL Script, and the graph node of the calculation view editor in SAP Web IDE for HANA.

For a complete list of blogs about SAP HANA 2.0, see our central blog.

As always - have fun with HANA!
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