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What is it?

SAP Cloud Platform Product Management is hosting a hands-on, full-day seminar on September 25th at the ASUG Pre-Conference for SAP TechEd.

Title : SAP Cloud Platform: Business Agility for Your Digital Transformation

Date : Monday, September 25, 2017

Time : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PDT

Room : Lando 4201 AB & 4202

To register, follow the link and you can add this seminar to your existing SAP TechEd registration.

Why attend?

This seminar is a full-day technical deep dive into SAP Cloud Platform. Our agenda includes lectures from SAP experts, demonstrations of advanced scenarios from customers, and tactile SAP Cloud Platform experience with hands-on exercises. The content will span the major use cases for the platform including extending cloud line of business applications and building entirely new applications.

We will start with extensibility. Here, we will focus on how the extension foundation capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform ensure the clear decoupling of extension applications from the underlying SAP solutions via the public API layer while also providing built-in security, inherited data access governance, and user interface integration. Next, we will cover cloud-native development. Here, we will go through the normal application lifecycle and best practices for DevOps by using the SAP Cloud Platform capabilities that the Cloud Foundry environment contributes for application staging, operations, and updates. Each topic includes a presentation from SAP's customer/partner ecosystem and hands-on exercises.

Attend this session if you are a customer seeking to understand how you can utilize SAP Cloud Platform to securely extend your organization’s digital core, a partner looking for technical enablement, or a technology enthusiast interested in the latest information on SAP's PaaS that is underpinning buzz word technologies like "SAP Leonardo", "Extensibility", "Bimodal IT", "Artificial Intelligence", etc.

Seminar agenda

Session Type Session Title Session Abstract Session Speaker
Lecture Opening Remarks The seminar will be kicked off with a welcome and introduction by Christoph Liebig, Head of the Strategy & Product Management team for SAP Cloud Platform. Christoph Liebig, SAP Product Manager
Lecture SAP Cloud Platform : Overview This session provides a holistic overview of SAP Cloud Platform including the various usage scenarios i.e. on-premise and cloud extensions as well as new line-of-business solutions powered by SAP HANA and IoT. We then elaborate on the value proposition of cloud platforms in terms of business agility, layered pace of innovation, and time to market. We wrap up the session with an overview of the platform services and capabilities and how to get started. Matthias Steiner, SAP Technical Evangelist
Lecture SAP Cloud Platform: The Extension Platform for SAP Products SAP Cloud Platform is the extension platform from SAP that can be used to implement new workflows or modules on top of existing SAP solutions to meet rapidly changing corporate processes and line-of-business requirements. The extension foundation capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform ensure the clear decoupling of the new applications from the extended SAP solutions via the public API layer, while providing built-in security, inherited data access governance, and user interface integration. Stanimir Ivanov, SAP Product Owner
Customer Presentation Leveraging SAP SuccessFactors extensions on the SAP Cloud Platform to enable and deploy custom HCM solutions at American Airlines Hear from American Airlines how they are using SAP SuccessFactors extensions to enable custom HCM solutions and deploy them on the SAP Cloud Platform to seamlessly compliment the SuccessFactors HCM solution portfolio. Join us as we talk about architectural and UX design decisions, challenges and lessons learned as part of this journey. Candace Ledbetter, American Airlines
Patrick Koyle, American Airlines
Chintan Mota, SAP Cloud Solution Architect
Customer Presentation How Natura Cosméticos used SAP Cloud Platform to extend the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Talent Management module and simplify their talent needs Hear how Natura Cosméticos, in just 1 month and with no previous experience, achieved new use cases in their SAP SuccessFactors system using extensions built on SAP Cloud Platform. Using components such as Fiori, Integration service, API Management, and Portal service, Natura Cosméticos tailored their SuccessFactors landscape to achieve their talent management needs. In this presentation the customer will cover: lessons learned, architecture, and roadmap. Sabrina Prado Ribeiro, Natura Cosméticos
Everton Fernando Mazzer, Natura Cosméticos
Hamilton Bokaleff De Oliveira Jr., Natura Cosméticos
Hands-on Exercise Learn How to Extend SAP SuccessFactors Solutions with SAP Cloud Platform This is a hands-on session to learn how SAP Cloud Platform can help you extend the standard SAP SuccessFactors solution to meet your specific business requirements. In this session, we will cover all stages of a typical extension solution lifecycle from API discovery, development, security and connectivity configurations to UI integration, packaging, delivery, and operations. Tsvetan Stoyanov, SAP Product Owner
Colin Kraczkowsky, SAP Product Manager
Lecture Introduction to the new SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment In this lecture, you will learn how the Cloud Foundry environment in SAP Cloud Platform simplifies leveraging innovations from the open source community as well as SAP (e.g. Machine Learning, Blockchain and IoT services) and provides the freedom to deploy the Cloud Foundry applications on a public cloud infrastructure of your choice e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Sanjay Patil, SAP Chief Product Expert
Partner Presentation Futureproof Innovations in a Multi-cloud/Multi-vendor Cloud Native Environment with HCL Technologies Hear from SAP's innovation partner HCL Technologies how they are utilizing the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment to enable their customers to adopt the full range of disruptors (digital, IoT, ML AI, blockchain…) while keeping their cloud options open. All while gaining tangible business agility and speed in weeks. Francois Louw, HCL TechnologiesElena Tewari, HCL Technologies
Lecture Running a polyglot Blockchain application on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment This session is about how TrueRec by SAP, a Blockchain-powered application, leverages Cloud Foundry on SAP Cloud Platform. Michael Kunzmann, SAP Engineer
Hands-on Exercise Cloud Foundry Backing Services on SAP Cloud Platform In this hands-on session, we introduce the concept of backing services on SAP Cloud Platform which are, simply put, any networked-attached services that an application consumes to do its job. You will get tactile experience building applications on the new Cloud Foundry environment by consuming different backing services provided on SAP Cloud Platform. Sanjay Patil, SAP Chief Product Expert
Manjunath Baburao, SAP Product Manager
Lecture Summary with Q&A

For further enablement

Follow this ASUG Pre-Conference seminar with some SAP Cloud Platform sessions at the main conference, listed here.