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Product and Topic Expert

Get Certified!

In this blog post series you will find commentary, suggestions, backgrounds, suggested further readings and other information related to my latest book SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Guide: Technology Associate Exam, published by SAP Press.

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SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05

For a general introduction about SAP (HANA) Certification, see

In this post, as warming up, we focus on one of the topic areas of the exam. Time of writing, the C_HANATEC_17 exam is not yet available but it is due out to be soon. For the time being we are referencing the SPS 04 edition for now (update coming up).

Exam Topic Areas and Training Courses

The topic areas might change slightly, as observed for some previous editions of the exam. However,  as the SPS 05 release introduced no major new features and as HA200 and corresponding trainings have also remained unchanged for the most part, we are not expecting any fireworks here.

For this post, we are going to zoom in on the topic: installing and configuring SAP HANA Cockpit, listed as "minor topic", i.e. less than 8% of the 80 questions, mathematically this rounds off to about 6 questions.

As indicated, the topic is covered in the HA200 training, available since November 2020.

The other trainings listed for the exam are

SAP HANA Cockpit

Unit 5 of HA200 covers SAP HANA cockpit in four lessons

  • Installation

  • Introducing

  • Configuring

  • Updating

The material is the same as for the SPS 04 training, except that the installation lesson was relocated from the unit Installation to the unit Cockpit.

SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Guide

Free Sample Chapter

In the SAP HANA 2.0 Certification Guide: Technology Associate Exam we cover this topic area also in a dedicated chapter.

The good news is that this chapter was selected by SAP PRESS as free sample chapter.

The chapter counts 40 pages including a glossary with important terminology and 15 practice questions with answers and clear explanations.

Key Concepts

In the key concepts section, we cover the most important information you need to know. As the sample chapter is freely available, no need to repeat ourselves here.

  • Deployment Options

  • System Architecture

  • Release and Maintenance Strategy

  • Installation

  • Update

  • Uninstall

  • Provisioning and Configuration

  • Database Directory

Practice Question

The chapter also includes 15 practice questions (with answers and explanations), e.g.

How do you install SAP HANA cockpit?

  • A. Use hdbinst.

  • B. Use HDBLCM and select the SAP HANA cockpit 2.0 component.

  • C. Use the installation script with the configuration file.

  • D. SAP HANA cockpit is a web application and doesn’t require installation.

Docs and Notes

SAP Help Portal

All the material from the course manuals comes from the documentation, supplemented by support notes and the occasional paper. For this reason, we recommend to familiarise yourself with the source as well.

The What's New guides provides recommended reading (now also in video format) and you might want to browse the installation and the administration guides. These are operational guides --click here, click there-- which makes them not the most suited as study guides. The topic introductions are typically informative, however.

SAP Support

The knowledge base articles (KBAs) and FAQ are usually a great place to start. For SAP HANA cockpit, the FAQ could maybe use an updated as it is still on version 1 going back to July 2019 but it does inform us that the component is HAN-CPT, which makes for a good filter on the knowledge base.

Note that most of the material covered in the notes is beyond the scope of the exam. Make sure not to get lost in this KBA rabbit hole!

As bookmark, my tip would be the central release note.

When you select it as favourite you will be notified of updates. Using the Show Changes button in the header, you can quickly see what has changed.

SAP Community

For the SAP HANA Academy, we have posted material on this topic until late 2018 (SPS 04). This includes many video tutorials for those that prefer to learn using that format.

Ace Your Exam!

SAP Certification Success Guide

When writing the  we had two "business cases" in mind

  • Those without the time and budget to attend (all) the HA courses (13 days || € 11K )

  • Those who would appreciate a study guide

The guide is available both as e-book and hard copy.

Coupon Codes and Discounts

When you work for a (larger) company, ask your manager or HR department about the budget for training expenses. This typically also covers books used for training like those from SAP Press.

Should expensing the book not be an option, note that SAP PRESS has frequent offers, for example during Summer, Fall, Black Friday, SAP TechEd, etc., usually with a 10-20% discount.

Every Monday, there is also a book is on offer. Sign up for the SAP Press Newsletter to be notified.

Review Copy

If you have already written a few book reviews and have a bit of a following on social media, you can contact SAP Press and try to convince them to send you a review copy.

In case you have not written (m)any reviews yet, why not start with leaving us a review of the exam guide? Thanks!

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Useful? Give us a like and share on social media.


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For your reading pleasure and convenience, here is a curated list of posts which somehow managed to pass the 10k-view mile stone and, as sign of current interest, still tickle the counters each month.